Once a clown, always a clown

Before I run the risk of losing you guys and gals forever, and on the day I received my tickets for the finals, I thought I’d write a quick note.

Read a quite amazing story here today regarding one of the most famous Polish football stars of yesteryear.  Step forwardJan Tomaszewski, ‘aka’ the clown who denied England qualification to the 1974 world cup:

Known as saying controversial comments regarding football in Poland, and an MP for the right-wing nationalist party PiS (Prawo i sprawiedliwosc – Law and Order), Tomaszewski outdid himself yesterday talking of the lack of ‘real Poles’ in the Polish line-up.  He declared that he will ‘not be supporting Poland’ for this reason and that he would ‘spit in Franciszek Smuda (The Polish team’s manager RBW)’s face’ for his policy of picking national mercenaries.

Link to original article: http://www.wprost.pl/ar/321569/Tomaszewski-Smudzie-naplulbym-w-twarz/

The players Tomaszewski had in mind were, Sebastian Boenisch – a Polish-born German who chose Poland only after he realised Germany would not give him a game, Damien Perquis, a Frenchmen of Polish descent who only got Polish citizenship last September and Eugene Polanski, a Pole whose family moved to Germany when he was a kid and only declared his wish to play for Poland in May last year.

Who will Tomaszewski be supporting in the finals instead?  You didn’t guess it….Germany! He went on to exclaim: ‘There are at least two Poles in the German team.  I’m enchanted by (Lukasz) Podolski.  He’s  German, he grew up there, but he constantly says he’s really Polish and as for (Miroslav) Klose, he also says he’s Polish although he’s not as sure about it as Podolski’

So, the politics involved in foreign mercenaries throwing their lot into random national teams aside, for  entertainment value alone I for one will be hoping Tomaszewski opens his mouth more in the next couple of months.

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