Red and white is allright

So I thought I’d give you some examples of how mental the country is going over the Euros.  So join me on a little pictorial tour:

1)Euro, local Polish entrepreneur style


Here we see a lady trying to make the most out of the Euros at my local supermarket a couple of miles away from the stadium.  She’s not that happy, I wonder how well the selling has been going over the last couple of days?

2) Euros, mulitnational corporation style


Here we see the same hotel, that if you’ve been following the blog, was decked all in Orange a couple of weeks ago.  In the last couple of days they’ve changed the ‘display’ this time with a tasteful selection of scarfs from visiting countries and some handy tips on how to say hi in a couple of languages.

3)Pizza Hut nationalism lite


Pizza Hut obviously thinks that a couple of Polish flags stuffed in peoples’ faces will make them buy more stuffed crust pizzas.

4)Fancy a beer?  Why not buy a Poland shirt while you’re at it? The thinking behind this little Poland shirt artfully positioned in the window of my local off-licence


5)Adhoc car decoration


This seems to be quite a popular way of supporting the team, little flags out of car-windows and red and white material stretched over wing-mirrors.  You can see this all over Warsaw.

6)The flag off the side of the building trick


And to finish off just across the way from us.

So as you can see the country’s doing a good job of going football crazy.  Now to watch Ireland hopefully defeat the once-mighty Croatia!

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