All quiet on the Eastern front?

I just thought I’d let you know how the tournament is progressing over here in Warsaw town.  As a Reuters article quite rightly pointed out Poland seems to have gone a bit flat after their defeat last Saturday.  There are less and less people watching games in the fanzone, and the Euros seem to have retreated more and more into the Stadiums and their environs themselves.  There are the odd ‘Polska, Bialo-Czerwoni’ chants flying about but it’s turned into a bit of a side-show (admittedly a very exciting one).  It’s incredible how quickly things change…

All that is left is to hope for Warsaw in its last game, the Semi-final next week, to have as big teams in it as possible, so that visiting fans will line the streets, the fan zones, and the city’s entrepreneurs’ pockets.  The hope is that Germany and England get through their games.  Then Warsaw will be host to an epic semi-final on and off the pitch.  It will see a German team at the top of its game, the only true challengers to Spain and England who have been doing admirably well with few resources.  If the two teams do meet here in a week’s time the city will hopefully be flooded with Germans from across the border and Englishmen and women hopping on the host of endless cheap flights which fly from England to these shores.  For the Varsovian in me therefore, and of course the Englishman as well, I hope the two nations get through.

Come on England and Germany, it’s your job to make the city come alive again, one last time before we are left once more with the petty squabbles of Legia and Polonia and Varsovians return to arguments over pre-schools, the bad state of the roads and the awful condition of the health service.  Go on, you know you want to.

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