Polonia Warsaw 0 Wisła II Płock 1: Five things I noticed


Last night Polonia fell to a 1-0 home defeat against Wisła II Płock in front of 4,000 fans at Konwiktorska 6.  In this post I will explain what I think were the main talking points surrounding the match.

1) The atmosphere was fantastic

I’ve only been going to games at K6 for a year but in my opinion last night was most definitely the most impressive atmosphere I have experienced so far.  With the kamienna closed there were no real aesthetic pyrotechnics but it was great to have all the fans packed into one stand.  It felt to me like an away cup tie in England with everyone fervently supporting Polonia.   The fan’s support was superb last night as well with constant singing and little abuse being hurled at opposition players and the referee.

2) It was good to play such an accomplished opponent this early in the season

This may have been Wisła’s reserves but there were a lot of players in their side with higher league experience. It showed on the pitch, Wisła kept the ball well and their defenders were superb.  Polonia won’t face many sides who can call on such a calibre of players this season.  Polonia’s side has only been together for month or so and a battle like this will teach them much about the rigours of competitive fixtures.

3) Polonia really fought hard

It became clear very quickly after kickoff that Wisła were a much more difficult proposition than Wkra on Sunday.  Initially Polonia seemed somewhat daunted by this but I thought they slowly and surely grew into the game.  One of the ways they did so was by tackling hard and showing Wisła they were in a fight.  At times their tackling was a bit kamikaze but it was good to see so much effort being put in by Polonia’s young players.

4) The team is clearly still learning to play together

Their were signs last night that the team is still getting used to playing together.  The most obvious example of this was their defence which was at times not very well organised.  Wisła’s players drew Polonia’s defence frequently out of position and especially the czarne koszule‘s centre-backs didn’t seem to be communicating with each other appropriately.  With more games together these problems should be fixed.

5) Jacek Kosmalski has problems with fitness

Kosmal is 37 in September and quite often last night he looked his age.  He already seemed exhausted in the first 20 minutes, and despite playing until the end, he did not add much to Polonia’s play last night.  If I was Polonia’s manager I would consider resting him every now and again.  That way he’ll be able to provide more of a threat in future.

All in all it was an in intriguing fixture which provides some interesting material for Polonia’s coaching team to analyse. This is rightbankwarsaw signing off.

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