Best answer: Who has thrown the most interceptions in NFL season?

Record-keeping for interception counts in the National Football League (NFL) began in 1940. The record for most interceptions in a single season is held by Night Train Lane, who logged 14 interceptions as a rookie in 1952, while playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Who has thrown the most interceptions in a season?


Player Int Year
George Blanda+ (34) 42 1962
Vinny Testaverde (24) 35 1988
Frank Tripucka (32) 34 1960
John Hadl (28) 32 1968

Who threw the most interceptions in an NFL season?

George Blanda of the 1962 Houston Oilers of the American Football League has the professional football record with 42 interceptions, and he did it in a 14-game season.

What quarterback threw the most interceptions in a season?

NFL Single Season Leaders – Passing Interceptions

Player Int
1. George BlandaG. Blanda 42
2. Vinny TestaverdeV. Testaverde 35
3. Frank TripuckaF. Tripucka 34

How many QBS have thrown 30 interceptions in a season?

Only four quarterbacks have ever thrown 30 interceptions in a season, and just one since 1980. Vinny Testaverde threw 35 — and just 13 touchdowns — in his first full season with the Bucs in 1988. Winston averages 1.8 interceptions a game, so if that number holds, he should reach 30.

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What QB has least Interceptions 2020?

Aaron Rodgers remained the league’s least interception-prone starting QB in 2019

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What is the fewest interceptions thrown in a season?

With a minimum of 200 passes attempted the record holder for least interceptions thrown in a season is… Brian Hoyer in 2016. Exactly 200 attempts, zero interceptions.

How many pick sixes has Tom Brady thrown?


Player Pick6 Years
Matt Ryan 17 2008-2020
Tom Brady 16 2000-2020
Andy Dalton 15 2011-2020
Matt Schaub 14 2004-2020

Who leads the NFL in interceptions?

NFL Player Stats – Interceptions

Rank Player Team
1 Drew Lock Denver Broncos
4 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks
4 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers
6 Jared Goff Los Angeles Rams

What NFL QB has thrown the most pick sixes?


Player Pick6 Tm
Joe Namath+ 28 nyj
Drew Brees 27 2TM
Peyton Manning + 27 2TM
Philip Rivers 25 2TM

Who is the oldest player in NFL history?

George Blanda (48)

George Blanda is a legendary figure in pro football – and not just because he became the oldest player in pro football history on January 4, 1976, aged 48 and 109 days (a record that still stands today).

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