Best answer: Who is the highest drafted punter in NFL history?

Anger was selected in the third round, 70th overall, in the 2012 NFL Draft, becoming the highest drafted punter since Todd Sauerbrun was drafted 56th overall in 1995, and the first punter drafted by the Jaguars since 2007.

Who is the highest drafted kicker in NFL history?

One of only three NFL placekickers to be selected in the first round of a draft, Janikowski is the Raiders’ all-time leading scorer at 1,799 points and appeared in more games with the franchise than any other player at 268 games.

Sebastian Janikowski.

Field goals: 436/542
Field goal %: 80.4
Longest field goal: 63
Touchbacks: 446

Who is the greatest punter in NFL history?

That being said, I’m here to tell you who the greatest punter in football history is: longtime Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans punter Shane Lechler, the pride of Texas A&M University. NFL analyst Gil Brandt named Lechler the greatest punter of all time, even ahead of Ray Guy, who has an award named after him.

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Has a punter ever been drafted?

Guy was a unanimous All-American selection in 1972 as a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi, and was the first pure punter ever to be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, when the Oakland Raiders selected him with the 23rd overall pick in 1973.

What was Ray Guy’s longest punt?

His longest punt in the NFL was a 74-yarder against Denver in 1977. In the 1980 AFC Championship Game, he boomed a 71-yarder against San Diego. Besides being a long-distance punter, Guy specialized in putting opponents in poor field position with his pinpoint punts.

Has a kicker ever had a perfect season?

In 2003, Vanderjagt became the first kicker in the league’s history to go an entire season, including the playoffs, without missing a field goal or point-after attempt. (In 1998, Minnesota kicker Gary Anderson was perfect in the regular season, but missed a field goal attempt in the playoffs.)

How much does a NFL kicker make a year?

Many NFL kickers make the league’s minimum salary $610,000 per year.

Believe it or not, the dropkick remains a legal maneuver in the National Football League today. It still exists in the NFL’s official rule book. … Flutie’s point-after-attempt was the first drop kick converted in the NFL since 1941.

Who is the best punter in the world?


Rank Player Years
1 Shane Lechler 2000-2017
2 Johnny Hekker 2012-2020
3 Tress Way 2014-2020
4 Marquette King 2012-2018

How far can a NFL punter kick?

2.1Five seasons of punts

The average gross distance is relatively constant for punts taken more than roughly 60 yards from the end zone, meaning that concerns over touchbacks start to become a significant issue when the line of scrimmage is beyond the punting team’s 40-yard line.

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How many punters have been drafted?

There have been 60 kickers and punters drafted since 2001, according to Pro Football Reference’s draft finder.

How many tight ends have been drafted in the first round?

Since 1963, just five SEC tight ends have been drafted in the first round, and four of those were taken by at least the No. 22 pick or later. Ben Watson, of Georgia and the New England Patriots, was the last such player taken in the first round, and that was 2004.

Has any kicker been drafted in the first round?

“With the 17th pick of the 2000 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select Sebastian Janikowski, kicker, Florida State.” … Healy reels at what has happened: A kid from Poland who started playing football just four years ago is suddenly the only pure place-kicker to be a first-round draft pick in the history of the modern NFL.

What is the shortest punt in NFL history?

(The shortest punt ever was actually negative-7 yards by Sean Landeta of the New York Giants in the 1985 playoffs (returned five yards for a touchdown), and there have been at least two 1-yard punts.)

Who is the greatest kicker of all time?

10 Greatest Kickers in NFL History

  • Lou Groza. Cleveland 1946-59, ’61-67.
  • Morten Andersen. New Orleans 1982-94; Atlanta 1995-2000, ’06-07; New York Giants 2001; Kansas City 2002-03; Minnesota 2004. …
  • George Blanda. …
  • Adam Vinatieri. …
  • Stephen Gostkowski. …
  • Gary Anderson. …
  • Jason Hanson. …
  • Jason Elam. …

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What is the longest punt ever?

The longest punt in NFL/AFL play was a 98-yarder by Steve O’Neal of the New York Jets in an American Football League regular season loss to the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium on September 21, 1969.

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