Does FIFA 20 have Alex Hunter?

FIFA 20 will be released on September 27, 2019 and EA Sports has confirmed that while we won’t be seeing a return of The Journey, there will still be a story feature in this year’s release. The Journey was a narrative-focused mode that followed Alex Hunter’s path from park footballer to global star.

Will FIFA 21 have Alex Hunter?

Will The Journey be in FIFA 21? … As of now, there are no plans to bring the Journey back for future versions of FIFA, but Hunter and Williams both had cameos in Volta Football in FIFA 20.

Which FIFA is Alex Hunter?

Alex Hunter is a fictional character in the FIFA game series made by EA Sports.

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Alex Hunter
First appearance FIFA 17 (2016) (The Journey)

Does FIFA 19 have Alex Hunter?

The Journey mode returns for the third time on FIFA 19, meaning gamers will join Alex Hunter one more time on his quest for football glory. Introduced in FIFA 17, The Journey has followed Hunter across the world, through all sorts of challenges and revelations, but, for better or worse, this will be the final chapter.

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What will replace the journey in FIFA 20?

FIFA 20: Volta Story replaces The Journey in EA’s latest release.

Will FIFA 21 have Volta?

Volta Squads

Collaborative gameplay has been redesigned for FIFA 21, with the option to now play in multiplayer mode such as five-a-side Online Team Play. Users can play in teams of up to four friends, or drop into a new community with strangers for casual kickabouts on the street or on the court.

Does FIFA 21 have a story mode?

That said, there’s a little story mode to get you reacquainted with it, all the customization and flair options you can handle — and even some cool cameos like world-renowned freestyler, Lisa Zimouche, who can join your team.

Is Alex Hunter a real player?

Meet the real life Alex Hunter from Fifa 19

Adetomiwa Edun is the actor who plays Alex Hunter – the young star of the Fifa video game. Taking control of Alex, players have taken him from zero to hero. From being a hopeful trial player in Fifa 17 to trying to win the Champions League trophy in Fifa 19.

Who is Kim Hunter in real life?

Lisa Solberg talks The Journey and being the female face of FIFA 19. Australian actress Lisa Solberg plays Kim Hunter in both FIFA 18 and 19’s ‘The Journey’. She talks to FTBL Life about her increasing role in the game, the process behind the production and becoming one of the female faces of the FIFA series.

Why did EA stop the journey?

EA Sports has revealed why they decided to call time on Alex Hunter’s Journey on FIFA. … Amazingly, Piror revealed there was ‘no guarantee’ that EA would get the rights to the Champions League – which would have had serious implications in the game’s narrative direction should a deal have not been struck.

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How long is FIFA 17 journey?

How long is The Journey? – The Journey lasts around 16 hours at most, which includes performing each training session and match manually without simulating anything, and achieving the longest possible story arc. The Journey will finish at the end of the season – in late May – at the latest.

Is Alex Hunter in Merlin?

He is best known for his roles as Sir Elyan in the television show Merlin, Marcus Young in Bates Motel and Alex Hunter in the football video games FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19.


Year 2010–2012
Title Merlin
Role Sir Elyan
Notes 21 episodes

Does FIFA 20 have Juventus?

They were also known as Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20. Juventus actually struck a deal with EA Sports’ rivals Konami in 2019 to appear exclusively on their eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer games instead. … Juve are not the only big name missing from the title though – you can see the list of missing teams here.

Does FIFA 20 have var?

VAR is not a feature in FIFA 20 despite its rollout across the top competitions in the world, such as the World Cup, Premier League and the Bundesliga. … FIFA 20, which was released in September 2019, followed the same path as its predecessor by leaving VAR out of the game altogether.

Should I side with Ringo or Michael?

You’ll need to choose between Michael and Ringo when playing as Danny. We recommend you choose Michael, though to be honest, things still don’t work out great for Danny. The next choice is whether to play as Alex or Kim in the 1v1. It doesn’t really make a difference here, so go with your heart.

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11 meters