How do I find comps on MLS?

How do I find house comps in my area?

There are several additional resources for finding comps:

  1. Public property records: If you want to find the sale price of a specific comparable, the county usually keeps those records. …
  2. Zillow: Search on Zillow using the Recently Sold filter. …
  3. Zillow pricing tool: Try this pricing tool to find comps in your area.

How do I find comps for a property?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to, log in with your account, and search for a property under “Buy”
  2. Click on Expand on the upper right.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Price This Home button (just below the Zestimate® price) and click Choose comps.

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Can I pull my own comps?

Real estate comps (or comparables) can be pulled from data on the MLS, a database of properties that have been sold or currently for sale in a given area. Licensed real estate agents can access this system to identify similar properties within a neighborhood to draw comparisons.

How do I prepare real estate comps?

How to assemble the best comps

  1. Search recently sold listings. Start by searching real-estate listing sites, such as Zillow and Redfin, for the handful of recently sold listings that are most like your home. …
  2. Apply these standards. The sold listings that are best for comps are: …
  3. Visit your comps. …
  4. Calculate your home’s value.
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How far away can Comps be?

Comps should ideally be within one mile of the subject property, and not over any major barriers like a freeway, a river or railroad tracks. Comps need to be in the same city as the subject property in most cases, even if a comp in another city is less than a block from the subject property.

What do appraisers look for in comps?

To determine the current market value of a property, agents and appraisers analyze recent comparable sales in the area. … In those instances, Najm says he’s looking for properties with similar square footage and the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Perlson is more particular about square footage.

What do appraisers look for?

What home appraisers look for: What’s the general condition of the house? An appraiser will evaluate and comment on: The materials and conditions of the foundation and exterior walls, the roof surface, screens, gutters and downspouts. The materials and conditions of the floors, walls, and trim.

How long are Comps good for?

When an appraiser is looking for comparable properties to determine a price, they are supposed to only look at sales within the last 90 days. Now, if there aren’t enough sales a lender might go back six to 12 months. But the ideal is 90 days.

How do I find comps for rent?

Online sources for rental comps

  1. Rentometer is a quick and easy way to compare your rent (or intended rent) with other local properties similar to yours. …
  2. Rent Zestimate from Zillow uses millions of data points and local market trends to obtain a starting price point for your rent.
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Can you get on MLS without a realtor?

In order to access the MLS, you need a real estate license, which means it’s not possible for buyers to access this data on their own. However, they can reap the benefits the MLS has to offer if they start the house buying process off right and partner with a local real estate agent.

How many comps do you need for an appraisal?

Many of the lenders and insurers of loans also require appraisers to utilize at least three closed sales as comps. Ideally, an appraiser will use comparable sales that are as current as possible since more recent sales will better reflect an ever-changing real estate market than older ones.

What if an appraiser can’t find comps?

A lack of comps is no excuse for not doing an accurate appraisal, Wagar says. Even in states with no MLS and no disclosure, or even if the property is a geodesic dome rather than a conventional house, any property can be appraised. If you can’t find sufficient comps, the cost approach will usually work.

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