How many copies of FIFA were sold?

The FIFA series of video games is a hugely popular soccer franchise enjoyed by gamers and soccer fans throughout the world. Having been released in October 2020, FIFA 21 sold 1.5 million digital copies worldwide in its first month, surpassing the sales of the previous year’s edition.

How many FIFA copies have been sold?

Listed in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling sports video game franchise, since its inception it sold more than 270 million units, and below are ten bestselling.

How many copies has FIFA 17 sold?

FIFA 17 Sells an Estimated 6.91M Units First Week at Retail – Sales. The football sports game from EA Sports and EA Canada – FIFA 17 – sold 6,906,952 units first week at retail on consoles, according to our estimates.

How many copies has FIFA 18 sold?

Of the 11.8 million units of the game sold around the world on PlayStation 4, some 1.73 million were purchased in North America.

Unit sales of FIFA 18 on PlayStation 4 worldwide as of August 2020, by region (in millions)

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Unit sales in millions

How many active players does FIFA 20 have?

The game features more than 30 officially licensed leagues, over 700 clubs and over 17,000 players.

Is PES more realistic than FIFA?

FIFA also has Ultimate Team and Volta Football, two exclusive game modes that can be played for hundreds of hours. Pro Evo has better physics, better ball movement, and most would consider PES to have a more realistic gameplay, despite FIFA making up ground in that category in recent years.

How much is FIFA worth?

All FIFA tournaments generate revenue from sponsorship; in 2018, FIFA had revenues of over US $4.6 billion, ending the 2015–2018 cycle with a net positive of US$1.2 billion, and had cash reserves of over US$2.7 billion.


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How many copies did FIFA 20 sell?

First month digital sales of FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 worldwide as of November 2020 (in millions)

Sales in millions
FIFA 20 1.2
FIFA 21 1.5

How many copies did FIFA 16 sell?

According to sales data by VGChartz, FIFA 16 volume sales in the first week of the release reached 4.944 million units comparable to that of FIFA 15, which sold 4.947 million units in its first week.

Is there going to be a FIFA 20?

The FIFA 20 release date is September 27th, 2019! Get ready to Break New Ground in EA SPORTS VOLTA FOOTBALL, build your dream squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and experience FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE in FIFA 20 Gameplay.

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Which FIFA sold the most?

FIFA 12 holds the record for the “fastest selling sports game ever” with over 3.2 million games sold and over $186 million generated at retail in its first week of release.

FIFA (video game series)

Latest release FIFA 21 9 October 2020

Is FIFA 18 any good?

FIFA 18 is really good, but there’s no headline-grabbing game-changer, no jaw-dropping new way to play, no superstar signing to get the heart racing. It’s jam-packed with welcome gameplay improvements and clever new modes, but FIFA 18 is no revolution. FIFA 18 is better than FIFA 17, for sure.

How much does FIFA 18 cost?

HOW MUCH DOES FIFA 18 COST? There are three versions of FIFA 18 at different price points: the standard edition, the Ronaldo edition and the Icon edition. The special Ronaldo and Icon editions cost £79.99 ($79.99) and £89.99 ($99.99) respectively.

Which country plays FIFA 20 the most?

without counting children and the occasional player, the records reveal that the following countries have the highest proportion of participants in the game: USA (well nigh 18 million), Indonesia (10 million), PR China (7.2 million), Mexico (7.4 million), Brazil (7 million) and Germany (6.3 million).

How many active players FIFA 21?

Licences. The game features more than 30 official leagues, over 700 clubs, and over 17,000 players.

How many PES players are there?

eFootball PES 2020

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 2,012.2 3,718
February 2021 2,307.4 4,328
January 2021 2,758.2 5,064
December 2020 3,706.6 7,288
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