Quick Answer: What is MLS short for?

Acronym Definition
MLS Multiple Listing Service (real estate)
MLS Major League Soccer
MLS Metropolitan Library System (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
MLS Mills

What do the initials MLS stand for?

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale. An MLS allows brokers to see one another’s listings of properties for sale with the goal of connecting homebuyers to sellers.

What does MLS mean in text?

Second Definition for MLS

Definition: My Life Sucks
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What is MLS in medical terms?

In the United States, a medical laboratory scientist (MLS), medical technologist (MT), or a clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) typically earns a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science, clinical laboratory science, or medical technology.

What does MLS mean for soccer?

Major League Soccer (MLS) is a men’s professional soccer league sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation, which represents the sport’s highest level in the United States and Canada.

What does MLA stand for in real estate?

A market leasing assumption (MLA), sometimes known as a speculative rent profile (spec rent) or market rent, is an accounting method used in commercial real estate to produce budget predictions and valuations.

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What does Mlz mean?


Acronym Definition
MLZ Moore Laboratory of Zoology (Occidental College; Los Angeles, CA)
MLZ Major League Zombies (gaming clan)

What does HBD mean in Snapchat?

HBD is an acronym for Happy Birthday. It’s often seen as a lazy way of messaging someone on their birthday. It’s also occasionally used to mean here be dragons, referring to unexplored or dangerous territory ahead.

What does ML mean urban dictionary?

“Much Love” is another common definition for ML. ML. Definition: Much Love.

What does ASCP stand for?

ASCP – American Society for Clinical Pathology.

What MLT means?

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) are vital to the healthcare team as they are often the first to produce patient results. MLTs use sophisticated biomedical instrumentation, as well as manual procedures, to perform testing and provide results that are essential in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

What does MLA stand for in medical terms?

Abbreviation Organization or personnel
MD Doctor of Medicine
MLA Medical laboratory assistant
MT Medical technologist
MLT Medical laboratory technician

Is the MLS a good league?

Expect Good Attendances

The MLS is fast becoming one of the major leagues in American sports. From a global perspective it’s also becoming a major soccer league as shown in its increasing average attendances. Between 2013 and 2018 the average MLS crowd was 21,358.

Do MLS teams make money?

Per Forbes, in 2018, the 23 teams that played in MLS combined for a $100 million loss. More concerningly, only seven turned a profit, and of those seven, three were by $1 million. … In 2018, MLS clubs made just short of $800 million in total revenue. In 2019, the league made half of that in expansion fees alone.

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What level of soccer is MLS?

Men’s leagues

Division League Founded
I Major League Soccer 1993
II USL Championship 2010
III USL League One 2017
National Independent Soccer Association 2017
11 meters