Quick Answer: Who has the most fumble recoveries in NFL history?

Player Fum
1. Warren MoonW. Moon, 1984-00 161
2. Dave KriegD. Krieg, 1980-98 153
3. Boomer EsiasonB. Esiason, 1984-97 123

Who has the most fumbles in NFL history?


Rank Player Fmb
1 Brett Favre + 166
2 Warren Moon+ 161
3 Dave Krieg 153
4 Kerry Collins 139

Who has the most fumble recoveries 2019?

NFL Player Stats – Fumble Recoveries

Rank Player Value
1 Chase Young 3
1 Karl Joseph 3
1 Chuck Clark 3
1 Jeffery Simmons 3

Who leads the NFL in fumbles?

NFL Player Stats – Fumbles

Rank Player Team
1 Taysom Hill New Orleans Saints
6 Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles
7 Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles
7 Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings

Who has the least fumbles in NFL history?

Cincinnati Bengals

On September 23, 2012, in a game against the Washington Football Team, Green-Ellis recorded his first career fumble, ending an impressive record of 589 touches without a fumble, the most ever to start an NFL career.

What QB has the least interceptions?

Aaron Rodgers remained the league’s least interception-prone starting QB in 2019

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Who leads the NFL in interceptions thrown all time?

NFL History – Interception Leaders

Interception Leaders
1 Paul Krause 81
2 Emlen Tunnell 79
3 Rod Woodson 71

How many fumbles does Zeke?


Down arrow icon YEAR Down arrow icon TEAM Down arrow icon FUM
2020 Dallas Cowboys 6
2019 Dallas Cowboys 3
2018 Dallas Cowboys 6
2017 Dallas Cowboys 1

Who’s thrown the most interceptions in a season?


Player Int Year
George Blanda+ (34) 42 1962
Vinny Testaverde (24) 35 1988
Frank Tripucka (32) 34 1960
John Hadl (28) 32 1968

Which QB has the most interceptions?

Brett Favre is the leader in interceptions when it comes to quarterbacks. He has thrown a total of 336 interceptions in his 20-year career. Even with throwing the most interceptions, Brett Favre still managed to make a well-rounded Hall of Fame career.

Who has the most interceptions in the NFL 2020?

NFL Stat Leaders 2020

Interceptions INT
1 Xavien HowardMIA 10
2 J.C. JacksonNE 9
3 Tyrann MathieuKC 6
4 Harrison SmithMIN 5

Who has the most forced fumbles of all time?

Robert Mathis has the most career forced fumbles, with 52 forced fumbles.

What QB has the most rushing TDs in NFL history?

Who has the most rushing TDs as a quarterback? Cam Newton has the most rushing touchdowns of any quarterback in NFL history, and he’s still adding to his total.

Who has the most touchdowns in NFL history?

NFL History – Touchdown Leaders

Touchdown Leaders
1 Jerry Rice 208
2 Emmitt Smith 175
3 LaDainian Tomlinson 162
11 meters