What is MLS in a car?

mls estimates the distance that can be driven before refueling. Save Share.

What does MLS stand for in distance?

If you are looking for a new home or you are looking to sell your home, you might be considering using the MLS. The letters “MLS” stand for “multiple listing service.” This is a service that is either local or regional that gathers real estate listings — homes that are for sale.

What does MLS Mean Mini Cooper?

nc_ 7 years ago. Yup, service interval.

What does MLS stand for in medicine?

Abbreviation for medical language specialist.

What does MLS stand for in education?

The MLIS is a relatively recent degree; an older and still common degree designation for librarians to acquire is the Master of Library Science (MLS), or Master of Science in Library Science (MSLS) degree.

What does ASCP stand for?

ASCP – American Society for Clinical Pathology.

What MLT means?

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) are vital to the healthcare team as they are often the first to produce patient results. MLTs use sophisticated biomedical instrumentation, as well as manual procedures, to perform testing and provide results that are essential in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

What does MLS mean in speech recognition?

Multi Language System literature, language, linguistics.

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11 meters