Which NFL coaches have the most wins?

Rank Coach Wins
1 ^ Don Shula 328
2 ^ George Halas 318
3 * Bill Belichick 280
4 ^ Tom Landry 250

Who are the top 10 winningest coaches in the NFL?

Today, we’re going to mention them as we walk you through the list of the top 15 winningest coaches in NFL history.

  • Paul Brown – 166. …
  • Mike Shanahan – 170. …
  • Tom Coughlin – 170. …
  • Bill Parcells – 172. …
  • Jeff Fisher – 173. …
  • Chuck Knox – 186. …
  • Dan Reeves – 190. …
  • Chuck Noll – 193.

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Who is the winningest coach in all sports?


Rank Coach W
1. Mike Krzyzewski 1170
2. Jim Boeheim 1083
3. Roy Williams 903
4. Bob Knight 899

What coach has the highest winning percentage?

Larry Kehres has the highest winning percentage for a college football coach.

College football coaches with a . 750 winning percentage.

Name Larry Kehres†
Losses 24
Ties 3
Win % .929
Teams Mount Union (1986–2012)
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How many NFL coaches have never had a losing season?

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Ties NFL Record With 14th Straight Non-Losing Season.

Who is the winningest team in NFL history?

Teams with highest regular-season win percentages in NFL history. The Dallas Cowboys have the highest all-time winning percentage during the regular season of the National Football League. The franchise has an impressive win percentage of 57.3 percent.

Who is the meanest NFL coach?

1. Bill Cowher. Jimmy Kimmel says it better than I ever could, so just watch the video and see why Bill Cowher is the angriest coach in NFL history.

Who is the greatest coach ever?

The fans’ top 5 best coaches of all time

  1. John Wooden. The Wizard of Westwood was the first player to ever be enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach. …
  2. Phil Jackson. …
  3. Vince Lombardi. …
  4. Pat Summitt. …
  5. Casey Stengel.

Who has the most wins in sports history?

The Winningest Athletes of All Time

  • Bill Russell: 2 college championships with the University of San Fran (which included a 55-game win streak at one point), an Olympic gold medal, and 11 NBA championships in 13 years. …
  • Michael Phelps: 28 Olympic medals including 23 golds make Phelps the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Who’s the best football coach of all time?

With those variables in mind, here are the 25 greatest head coaches in NFL history.

  • Bill Cowher.
  • Ray Flaherty. …
  • Mike Tomlin. …
  • Steve Owen. …
  • Marty Schottenheimer. …
  • Hank Stram. …
  • Marv Levy. Kansas City 1978-82; Buffalo 1986-97. …
  • George Allen. Los Angeles Rams 1966-70; Washington 1971-77. …
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Who has the most wins in the NFL 2020?

At William Hill, the 49ers are tied with the Saints for the highest 2020 NFL win totals in the NFC (10.5) while the Cowboys are tied with three other teams for third in the conference at 9.5. Meanwhile, the Ravens and Chiefs are tied at the top of the league with NFL win totals 2020 of 11.5.

Who is the best NFL coach?

There are two reasons why is Andy Reid the best coach in the NFL this season:

  • Patrick Mahomes is doing Patrick Mahomes things, and.
  • The Chiefs are the defending super bowl champions.

6 дек. 2020 г.

Has a rookie head coach ever won the Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers (1989–1996)

In Super Bowl XXIV he became the first rookie head coach to win the Super Bowl since Don McCafferty coached the Baltimore Colts to victory in Super Bowl V. In all, Seifert coached on five Super Bowl champion teams with the 49ers.

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