Who leads the NFL in game winning drives?

Player GWD Years
Peyton Manning + 54 1998-2015
Drew Brees 53 2001-2020
Tom Brady 48 2000-2020
Dan Marino+ 47 1983-1999

Who has the most game-winning drives NFL?


Rank Player GWD
1 Peyton Manning 54
2 Drew Brees 52
3 Dan Marino+ 47
4 Tom Brady 46

Who is the clutchest QB of all time?

Peyton Manning

All he did after that was produce the greatest statistical season of all time (55 touchdowns and 5,477 passing yards in 2013) while becoming the first and so far, only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. Turns out, Peyton’s short game is also pretty impressive.

How many game-winning drives does Deshaun Watson have?

8 Fourth Quarter Comebacks, 10 Game-Winning Drives

Rk Year Result
7 2019 W 31-24
8 2019 W 27-24
9 2019 W 20-17
10 2019 W 24-21
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How many game-winning drives does Andy Dalton have?


Rank Player GWD
8 Andy Dalton 27
9 Aaron Rodgers 25
10 Derek Carr 24
Joe Flacco 24

What is the biggest 4th quarter comeback in NFL history?

With 4:14 in the fourth quarter, Washington led New Orleans, 31-16. The Saints converted a big third down and eventually scored a touchdown to cut the lead to 31-23. A Redskins three-and-out was followed by another New Orleans touchdown and two-point conversion that tied the game. The Saints won in overtime, 34-31.

Who is the best 2 minute quarterback?

Brady is one of the best 2-minute drill quarterbacks in league history, Making his job easier, especially on a stage like the Super Bowl, is just inexcusable.

What QB has the most game winning drives?

Interpreted as:

Tom Brady 301 230
Brett Favre 302 188
Peyton Manning 266 187
Drew Brees 287 172

Who is Clutch Brady or Rodgers?

Brady wins much more than Rodgers in both the regular season and the playoffs. … Brady has led his team to many more late-game clutch victories, and he was a top four-team 70% of his entire career.

What quarterback has the most fourth quarter comebacks?


Player 4QC Tm
Peyton Manning + 43 2TM
Tom Brady 39 2TM
Drew Brees 36 2TM
Ben Roethlisberger 35 pit

What QB has the most game-winning drives since 2016?

Jon Machota on Twitter: “Most game-winning drives since 2016: Dak Prescott: 13 Matthew Stafford: 13 Drew Brees: 11 Derek Carr: 11”

Who has the most 4th quarter comebacks since 2016?


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Year Player 4QC
2017 Marcus Mariota (23) 3
2017 Ben Roethlisberger (35) 3
2016 Matthew Stafford (28) 8
2015 Derek Carr (24) 4

How many comeback wins does Lamar Jackson have?

2 Fourth Quarter Comebacks, 4 Game-Winning Drives

Rk Year Result
1 2018 W 24-21
Rk Year Result
2 2019 W 26-23
3 2019 W 20-17

How many game-winning drives does Tom Brady have in the playoffs?


Player GWD Years
Tom Brady 14 2000-2020
John Elway+ 6 1983-1998
Eli Manning 5 2004-2019
Joe Montana+ 5 1979-1994

How many game-winning drives does Tom Brady have in the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl game-winning drives — 6.

What is a game-winning drive?

With a much simpler definition than a fourth-quarter comeback, a game-winning drive is the offensive scoring drive in the fourth quarter or overtime that puts the winning team ahead for the last time. The association with fourth quarter/overtime is simply a matter of making this a crunch-time stat.

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