Who leads the NFL in tackles for loss?

Who led the NFL in tackles for loss?

NFL Player Stats – Tackles For Loss

Rank Player Value
1 T.J. Watt 24
2 Devin White 18
2 Roquan Smith 18
4 Aaron Donald 16

Who has the most tackles for loss?

Aaron Donald had the most tackles for loss in 2019, with 20 tackles.

Brandon Graham 2019 PHI
Cameron Jordan 2019 NO
Danielle Hunter 2019 MIN
Michael Bennett 2019 TOT

Who leads the NFL in tackles in 2020?


Player Comb Sck
Zach Cunningham 164 3
Jaylon Smith 154 1.5
Blake Martinez 151 3
Joe Schobert 141 2.5

Who has the most solo tackles in the NFL?


Rank Player Solo
1 Ray Lewis+ 1,568
2 London Fletcher 1,384
3 Derrick Brooks+ 1,300
4 Donnie Edwards 1,135

Who led the NFL in QB pressures?


Za’Darius Smith followed up a 2019 season in which he led the NFL in pressures with another strong showing this season, which included an 86.0 pass-rushing grade.

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Who has the most tackles in a season?


Player Solo Year
Patrick Willis (22) 136 2007
Ray Lewis+ (24) 130 1999
Jonathan Vilma (23) 128 2005
Keith Brooking (27) 126 2003

Is a sack a tackle for loss?

Sacks are counted as tackles for a loss, with one exception. When the Quarterback is tackled at the line of scrimmage, it’s considered a sack, but not a tackle for a loss.

What is solo in football stats?

Tackles For Loss(TFL) Solo. Number of solo tackles for a loss of yards. Tackles For Loss(TFL) Asst. Number of assisted tackles for a loss of yards. Does not include sacks.

What is a tackle for loss?

A tackle for loss is a tackle that causes a loss of yardage for the opposing running back or wide receiver.

Who’s thrown the most interceptions in a season?


Player Int Year
George Blanda+ (34) 42 1962
Vinny Testaverde (24) 35 1988
Frank Tripucka (32) 34 1960
John Hadl (28) 32 1968

Who threw the most touchdowns in 2020?


Player Pass Yds TD
Deshaun Watson 4823 33
Patrick Mahomes 4740 38
Tom Brady 4633 40
Matt Ryan 4581 26

What position gets the most tackles?

Plus, certain positions get more tackles by the nature of team defense. Middle and inside linebackers will naturally have the most tackles by virtue of their role and where they are at the snap.

Who has the most interceptions of all time?

Interceptions (at start of 2013 NFL Season)

1 Paul Krause* 81
2 Emlen Tunnell* 79
3 Rod Woodson* 71
4 Dick “Night Train” Lane* 68
5 Ken Riley 65
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What quarterback has the most tackles?

Carson Palmer has the most tackles all-time among Quarterbacks with 18. Second is Matt Hasselback with 16, and Drew Brees takes third with 13.

What safety has the most tackles?

Since 2017, Bobby Wagner has made the most tackles, with 348 tackles.

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