Who won the NFL championship in 1958?

Who won the Super Bowl in 1958?

The Baltimore Colts’ 23-17 victory over the New York Giants for the 1958 NFL championship, the first overtime game in league history, was voted the best game as part of the NFL’s celebration of its 100th season.

How did the Colts win the 1958 Super Bowl?

Following a 1-yard run by Ameche and a 6-yard catch by the tight end Jim Mutscheller, Ameche scored on a third-down 1-yard touchdown run with 6:45 left to win the game, 23–17.

What is the greatest game in NFL history?

Professional football was on the rise in the 1950s and reached a crescendo during the latter part of the decade. Much of the popularity can be traced to a single game – the 1958 NFL Championship Game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1956?

The New York Giants defeated the Chicago Bears 47-7 to win the NFL championship on Dec. 30, 1956.

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How many NFL teams were there in 1958?

So there you go: in 1958, these were the 7 NFL teams that were drawing big-time crowds… Rams, Browns, Colts, Lions, 49ers, Giants, Bears.

Who won Super Bowl 59?

Tampa Bay’s ageless marvel captured a record-extending seventh Super Bowl championship on Sunday night, helming the underdog Buccaneers to a 31-9 rout of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and further bolstering his claim as the greatest quarterback ever in the epilogue of a storied career that shows no sign of …

Who won the first ever NFL football game?


In 1920, Dayton Triangles team manager Carl Storck attended the first-ever organizational meeting and a few weeks later, on October 3, 1920, the Triangles hosted the first-ever NFL game against the Columbus Panhandles at Triangle Park, winning 14-0.

Who won Super Bowl 1957?

On December 29, the Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns 59–14 in the NFL championship game. The Browns had been favored to win by three points.

Where was the greatest game ever played played?

The film’s screenplay was adapted by Mark Frost from his 2002 book, The Greatest Game Ever Played: Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, and the Birth of Modern Golf. It was shot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with the Kanawaki Golf Club, in Kahnawake, Quebec, the site of the golf sequences.

What is the biggest upset in NFL history?

Buffalo Bills (+16.5) over Minnesota Vikings

pulled off the NFL’s biggest upset since the Redskins’ win over the Cowboys in 1995.

Why are there white rings on each end of the football?

At most levels of play (but not, notably, the NFL), white stripes are painted on each end of the ball, halfway around the circumference, to improve nighttime visibility and also to differentiate the college football from the pro football.

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Has there ever been an NFL game without a penalty?

Per the Pro Football Hall of Fame website, the last NFL game without penalties was on November 10, 1940: The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Philadelphia Eagles 7-3. Here’s the excerpt: “Perhaps referee William Halloran was sparing the sparse crowd at Forbes Field by not calling any penalties during this day.

Who won NFL championship last year?

NFL History – Super Bowl Winners

Super Bowl Winners and Results
LI Feb. 5, 2017 New England 34, Atlanta 28
LII Feb. 4, 2018 Philadelphia 41, New England 33
LIII Feb. 3, 2019 New England 13, Los Angeles Rams 3

Who won the Super Bowl in 1953?

Game footage (without audio) of the 1953 NFL Championship game won by the Detroit Lions 17-16.

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