Best answer: What does DT stand for in soccer?

Defensive Tackle (DT) – On each side of the nose tackle is a defensive tackle.

What is DT in soccer?

DT – Director Técnico (soccer coach) | AcronymFinder.

What does DT stands for?

Acronym Definition
DT Defensive Tackle (football)
DT Downtown
DT Difference in Time
DT Desktop

What does DT mean for work?

D.T. Labor is an acronym meaning Double Time Labor. Work performed on overtime and charged at twice the published rate. Double Time Labor is usually enforced on special circumstances such as holidays or long word periods past a normal work day on a weekend.

What is a DT in edits?

DT – dedicated to (Just like when a book has dedications, this is for when you think a certain someone might love to have that edit dedicated to them.

What does DT mean in texting?

Some Editors on Instagram use dt in their captions and it means dedicated to ‘dt: @instagram’ 1. Added on Oct. 8, 2017 anonymously. This could mean “Don’t tell” in text slang.

What does FT mean?

ft. is a written abbreviation for feet or foot.

Is DT a word?

No, dt is not in the scrabble dictionary.

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What does DT stand for in school?

International Baccalaureate. IB Design Technology (DT) is an elective subject offered in many International Baccalaureate schools globally. Design is also offered in the IB Middle Years Programme as a compulsory subject for grades 6–10, and at the Diploma Programme level (grades 11-12).

Does DT mean virgin?

Perhaps the best example of the humor in Ixion Saga DT is in the title itself. While DT ostensibly stands for “dimension transfer,” it really stands for “doutei,” the pejorative slang term for virgin.

What does DT mean in pharmacy?

DT. Drug Tariff. Medical, Drug, Tariff. Medical, Drug, Tariff. 1.

What is DT in tablets?

dispersible tablet in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A dispersible tablet is a tablet that disintegrates in water or other liquid. These dispersible tablets disintegrate quickly in water or disperse immediately in the mouth. Aspirin is available as a dispersible tablet that you can dissolve in water before taking.

Whats CC mean sexually?

CC means carbon copy. Of, relating to, involving, or characteristic of sex, sexuality, the sexes, or the sex organs and their functions.

What is CC in TikTok?

“Closed Captions” is the most common definition for CC on video sharing apps such as YouTube and TikTok. CC. Definition: Closed Captions.

What does SC mean on Instagram?

First Definition of SC

“Snapchat” is the most common definition for SC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on dating sites such as Tinder. SC. Definition: Snapchat.

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