How did Spain win the World Cup 2010?

The final was played on 11 July 2010 at Soccer City, Johannesburg. Spain defeated the Netherlands 1–0, after an extra time goal by Andrés Iniesta. The win gave Spain its first World Cup title. It was the first time since England in 1966 that the winners of the final wore their second-choice strip.

Has Spain won a World Cup?

Spain is one of only eight countries ever to have won the FIFA World Cup, doing so in South Africa in 2010, the first time the team had reached the final. The team is one of the most present at the World Cup finals, with 15 appearances out of the 21 tournaments.

How many goals did Spain concede in the 2010 World Cup?

World cup 2010 team performance

Team Goals Ave goals conceded per game
Slovenia 3 1.00
South Africa 3 1.67
South Korea 6 2.00
Spain 7 0.33

Which country won the World Cup in 2010?

2010 South Africa World Cup.

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What happened in 2010 World Cup?

This event extended from 1 June to 1 July 2010, and the final was between Spain (the victors) and the Netherlands. Spain scored the only goal in extra time, making the final score 1-0. Over the course of the entire World Cup™, 64 games were played and 145 goals scored.

What does FIFA stand for?

FIFA — Soccer’s World Governing Body

Founded in 1904 to provide unity among national soccer associations, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) boasts 209 members, rivaling that of the United Nations, and is arguably the most prestigious sports organization in the world.

Who is Spain’s number 9?

Squad Spain

# player Age
19 Dani Olmo Dani Olmo Attacking Midfield 22
6 Sergio Canales S. Canales Attacking Midfield 30
21 Mikel Oyarzabal M. Oyarzabal Left Winger 23
9 Bryan Gil Bryan Gil Left Winger 20

Who was the best player in 2010 World Cup?

(CNN) — Uruguay striker Diego Forlan has won the FIFA Golden Ball award for the top player of the 2010 World Cup after inspiring his country to its best performance at the global showpiece in 40 years.

Who scored the most goals in 2010?

World Cup 2010 Top Goal Scorers

Rank Name Minutes
1 Miroslav Klose 267′
2 Gonzalo Higuain 341′
3 Robert Vittek 343′
4 David Villa 358′

Who was Spain captain in 2010?

World Cup 2010: Spain Captain Iker Casillas Labels Victor Valdes Inclusion ‘A Wise Decision’

Who won World Cups?

France national football team

Who won Euro 2010?

Spain defeated the Netherlands 1–0 with a goal from Andrés Iniesta four minutes from the end of extra time.

2010 FIFA World Cup Final.

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The final was played at Johannesburg’s Soccer City
Event 2010 FIFA World Cup
Man of the Match Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
Referee Howard Webb (England)
Attendance 84,490

How much did the 2010 World Cup cost?

$3 billion spent on 2010 World Cup

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa spent more than $3 billion on the 2010 World Cup, and in return gained an “intangible legacy” from the first world soccer showpiece in Africa, the country’s government said Friday in its final report on the tournament.

Where was FIFA 2010 held?

Johannesburg, South Africa

Who won the first World Cup?

Uruguay national football team

Was the 2010 World Cup a success?

“The success of this World Cup will reverberate for years to come,” he said. … Among those who had attended a previous World Cup, half said the 2010 tournament was the best ever. And nearly 90 percent of all those polled said they would consider a return visit.

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