Quick Answer: Can you slide tackle in indoor soccer?

7. Slide tackling in indoor soccer. The goalkeeper is allowed to slide and dive to make saves within his or her own penalty area. … Slide tackles will always result in a direct kick.

What are the rules of indoor soccer?

Most indoor soccer games are divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each, for a total of 60 minutes of play time. There are two 3-minute periods between the first and second, third and fourth quarters and one 15-minute half-time between the second and third quarters.

Is slide tackling allowed in futsal?

Sliding tackles aren’t really permitted in normal Futsal games, but rather only in international level games. The reason is simple – in futsal, since it is played on a hard surface, falling is way more dangerous and hurtful than on a grass turf. Nonetheless, a player can slide, so as to reach the ball.

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What age can you slide tackle soccer?

Every slide tackle performed in a match involving players under the age of 14 should be presumed illegal by chance alone and that presumption should be switched to “legal” only after the most careful review by the referee.

Are shin guards required for indoor soccer?

You need to wear your teams uniform and have shin guards & indoor shoes. Jewelry and other accessories are not allowed. If you are playing as goalkeeper you should wear colors that are easy to distinguish you from all other players plus the referees.

What soccer position is the easiest?

The easiest position in soccer is the position of full-back.

What are the 9 major fouls in soccer?

9 Major Soccer Offenses

  • Kicking (or trying to kick) an opponent.
  • Tripping an opponent.
  • Jumping at an opponent.
  • Charging an opponent in particularly dangerous or violent way.
  • Charging an opponent from behind in a violent way.
  • Striking or attempting to strike an opponent.
  • Holding an opponent.
  • Pushing an opponent.

How long is a game of futsal?

Futsal matches comprise two periods each lasting 20 minutes of actual playing time. The clock is stopped every time the ball goes out of play and is restarted when play resumes. Teams are entitled to a one-minute time-out in each period.

What are the positions in futsal?

Futsal Positions Explained

  • Goalkeeper (Keeper) A very important position with the goalkeeper playing a vital role in determining the final score. …
  • Fixo (Fixed Defender) Most often the captain and/or the team manager of the side. …
  • Ala (Left & Right Winger) Two Wingers, one on the left and one on the right. …
  • Pivot (Target)
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What is the distance between futsal goal posts?

The distance (inside measurement) between the posts is 3 m and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 2 m. Both goalposts and the crossbar have the same width and depth, 8 cm.

Can you slide in soccer?

A slide tackle is a perfectly legal play. A foul can be called when the play is dangerous, like when the defender makes contact with the opponent first before the ball, or makes the tackle “cleats up”. … However, as players age, leagues and referees begin to allow slide tackling.

Can you slide tackle from behind?

Don’t slide tackle from behind

To perform a successful slide tackle, a player should avoid sliding in from behind their opponent. A slide tackle from behind an opponent almost always results in the referee penalizing the player.

What is called when a player deliberately touches the ball with any part of their arm?

Deliberate handball means that a player intentionally moves his hand or arm towards the ball, and could have avoided touching the ball, but decided not to.

How high should soccer shin guards go?

Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex your foot to a couple of inches below the knee.

What kind of shoes do you need for indoor soccer?

Indoor soccer cleats

An indoor soccer shoe typically has a flat outsole without any cleats. Outsoles are made of rubber and feature a honeycomb or houndstooth pattern for ultimate grip. This allows the shoe ultimate traction on wooden or cement courts.

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What is a blue card in soccer?

A blue card is also frequently used in indoor soccer in the United States, signifying that the offender must leave the field and stay in a penalty box (usually 2–5 minutes), during which time their team plays down a man (identical to ice hockey and roller hockey).

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