Quick Answer: What does DC mean in soccer?

DC ( Double Chance ) : 1X (DC ) mean that we win if home team win or if we have a draw. If the away win we lose . X2 (DC) mean that we win if Away team win or if we have a draw. If the Home team win we lose . 12 (DC) mean that we win if Home or Away team win .

What is the meaning of DC in Bet9ja?

You will only lose in case the away team wins (2). This code is also known as Double Chance (which DC stands for). You have probably seen this code on other websites, written as just 1X. However, Bet9ja uses the 1XDC term. … X2DC is chosen when you think that the away team wins (2) or the teams will draw (X).

What does DK mean in football?

DK in Football. 1. DK. Draft Kings. Fantasy, Business, Sport.

How can I win Bet9ja everyday?

Top 4 Secret Of Winning Bet9ja

  1. Do Not Always Bet On Your Favourite Team. …
  2. The Absence Of A Key Player Can Greatly Affect The Outcome Of A Match. …
  3. Observe “Regular” Winners And Do What They Do. …
  4. Avoid Being Too Greedy.
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What does GG mean in Bet9ja?

1 OR GG: You are placing your bet on the home team to win the game or it means that both squads will score against each other in the match. This is a double chance bet where you win if the home team wins the game or you still win even if they lose or draw but both teams score in the match.

What does F mean in soccer?

F, GF – Goals For (sometimes used in place of GS). A, GA – Goals Against (i.e., number of goals conceded by a team). GD – Goal Difference (i.e., difference between GF and GA, and sometimes denoted by +/-).

What is DK in texting?

DK means “Don’t Know”.

What does T stand for in football?


Pos Meaning
T Tackle
LG Left Guard
G Guard
C Center

Who is highest winner in Bet9ja?

Bet9ja lucky winners

  • Saheed Oniloyi and Olashile Ali – N8 million. Saheed Oniloyi and Olashile Ali are lucky Bet9ja winners who won together an overall sum of 8 mln Naira) with a 400 Naira stake. …
  • A 17-year boy – N43 million. …
  • Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu – N36 million.

13 июл. 2020 г.

How do I win a football bet every time?

Here are 8 tips to win more football bets:

  1. Follow expert football predictions.
  2. Profit with matched betting.
  3. Keep a betting record.
  4. Change bookmakers.
  5. Stay impartial.
  6. Know football inside out.
  7. Know your markets.
  8. Take the small wins.

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What is the highest amount you can win in Bet9ja?

The maximum payout for Bet9Ja on any given day will not exceed ₦10,000,000,000. If the cumulative payout on all Bet9Ja tickets on any given day exceeds this figure, winnings on each ticket will be adjusted accordingly.

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What is the meaning of both teams to score 2 +?

For many bettors, a favorite option for betting is sports bets “both teams to score”. … The bet “both teams to score”, as a rule, is designated by BTTS and is actually an accumulator of combinations of two individual totals over 0.5 or two “the team to score”.

What is a 1X2 bet?

What is 1X2 betting? 1X2 betting is simply betting on the outcome of a fixture and is often referred to as match result betting. This means you simply have to predict whether the game finishes as a home win, away win or draw.

What does GG NG mean?

GG OR NG : GG means that both of the teams will score in the game and NG means that one or both of the teams will not score in the game.

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