Quick Answer: Who scored highest runs in World Cup?

Player Span Runs
SR Tendulkar (INDIA) 1992-2011 2278
RT Ponting (AUS) 1996-2011 1743
KC Sangakkara (SL) 2003-2015 1532
BC Lara (WI) 1992-2007 1225

Who scored most runs in World Cup?

Most Runs

Pos Innings
1 Rohit Sharma IND Runs 648
2 David Warner AUS Runs 647
3 Shakib Al Hasan BAN Runs 606
4 Kane Williamson NZ Runs 578

Which team scored highest runs in World Cup 2019?

The highest team score (397/6) in the World Cup 2019 was scored by English team against Afghanistan.

Who is the highest run scorer in 2019?

Virat Kohli scored 2,455 runs this year in all the formats – Tests, ODIs and T20s – combined. That is the highest number of runs scored by any batsman in 2019.

Who is king in cricket?

Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian Cricket team and of the IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is regarded as the one of the best batsman in the world and is also known as the king of cricket.

Who is the most 100 in ODI?

Player Span 100
SR Tendulkar (INDIA) 1989-2012 49
V Kohli (INDIA) 2008-2021 43
RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) 1995-2012 30
RG Sharma (INDIA) 2007-2021 29
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What is the lowest score in World Cup?

Lowest match aggregate

Score Teams Date
73–11 (23.2 overs) Sri Lanka (37–1) v Canada (36) 19 February 2003
91–12 (54.2 overs) England (46–2) v Canada (45) 13 June 1979
117–11 (31.1 overs) West Indies (59–1) v Bangladesh (58) 4 March 2011
138–12 (41.4 overs) West Indies (70–2) v Scotland (68) 27 May 1999

Who hit most sixes in World Cup 2019?

Most Sixes

Pos R
1 Eoin Morgan ENG 371
2 Aaron Finch AUS 507
3 Rohit Sharma IND 648
4 Jason Roy ENG 443

Which is the highest t20 score?

Highest innings totals

Rank Score Venue
1 278/3 (20 overs) Dehradun
278/4 (20 overs) Ilfov County
3 267/2 (20 overs) Kingston, Jamaica
4 263/5 (20 overs) Bangalore

Who is No 1 batsman in ICC rankings?

Men’s ODI Batting Rankings

Pos Player Career Best Rating
1 Virat Kohli 911 v England, 12/07/2018
2 Babar Azam 846 v Sri Lanka, 20/10/2017
3 Rohit Sharma 885 v Sri Lanka, 06/07/2019
4 Ross Taylor 841 v Bangladesh, 05/06/2019

Who is king of IPL?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known as King of the IPL Team. He is also considered as Baap of IPL Team,not only this,his terrific performance has made him win the title in 2020 as well,his followers and admirers have already started calling him Baap of IPL 2020.

Who is God of IPL?

Who Is The Baap Of IPL? The God of the IPL might be MS Dhoni as he has been equally sensible with the bat and also the Captain role. He has over 4400 IPL runs and although this is often not the most effective, his average is better than even Chris Gayle in spite of batting down the order.

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It isn’t that Natarajan has developed this moniker of ‘Yorker King’ in a day or two. In the 2020 IPL, the soft-spoken lad from Chinnampatti, Salem, delivered a whopping 96 yorkers in 16 IPL games this year. That is equivalent to 16 overs – a stat that is bound to leave many dumbfounded.

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