What is WDL in soccer?

What is MP WDL in soccer?

MP – Matches Played (sometimes used in place of P, Pld). W – Won (i.e., number of matches won). D – Draw (i.e., number of times a team has finished a match with an even score or tie).

How do you read soccer standings?

The team with most points is ranked higher irrespective of the number of matches played. In case if two or more teams have equal points, then whichever team has higher / highest goal difference will be ranked above. However if the goal difference is same then the team which has scored more goals is ranked above.

What does form mean in soccer?

The term “form” is often used in soccer to refer to either a player or a team’s recent performance. A key aspect to the idea of form is that form influences future success. For example, one might say “Typically I would favor Tottenham, but Aston Villa has been in great form since the international break”.

What is GA soccer stats?

GF – stands for “Goals For” , i.e. the total number of goals scored by the team in the season. GA – stands for “Goals Against”, i.e. the total number of goals conceded by a team in the whole season.

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What is the D for in a football pitch?

The penalty arc (colloquially “the D”) is marked from the outside edge of the penalty area, 9.15 metres (10 yd) from the penalty mark; this, along with the penalty area, marks an exclusion zone for all players other than the penalty kicker and defending goalkeeper during a penalty kick.

How is soccer goal difference calculated?

Goal difference is counted as the number of goals scored by a team in all league matches across the season, minus the number of goals conceded – for instance, if a team were to score four goals but concede two across two matches, their goal difference would be +2.

What does CB mean in football?

A cornerback (CB) is a member of the defensive backfield or secondary in gridiron football. Cornerbacks cover receivers most of the time, but also blitz and defend against such offensive running plays as sweeps and reverses. They create turnovers through hard tackles, interceptions, and deflecting forward passes.

What is the full meaning of Football?

1 : any of several games played between two teams on a usually rectangular field having goalposts or goals at each end and whose object is to get the ball over a goal line, into a goal, or between goalposts by running, passing, or kicking: such as. a British : soccer. b British : rugby.

What is the abbreviation for professional soccer?

NPSL stands for National Professional Soccer League (USA)

Does form exist in football?

No, actually. According to a book published last year, the concept of “form” in football is a myth. Analysis suggests that the goalscoring runs of even the supposed “hottest” strikers are no more attributable to a “form streak” than they are to chance.

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What stats are kept in soccer?

A goalkeeperʼs goals-against average is calculated by multiplying the number of goals allowed by 80, divided by the actual number of minutes played by the keeper. A team’s goals-against average is figured by multiplying the number of goals allowed by the team by 80, divided by the actual number of minutes played.

What does AP stand for in soccer?

AP in Soccer

2 AP Attack Power Gaming, Football, Sports
1 AP Amapa Football, Sports, Sports
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