What place did Mongraal get in World Cup?

Mongraal performed admirably in last years tournament, finishing in 13th place overall. The impressive showing saw him pocket a whopping $150,000, which makes up a specific portion of his $567,454.22 career earnings to date.

Did Mongraal win the World Cup?

Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson finished in 13th place to claim $150,000 in prize money. Earlier in the tournament, which spanned over three days, two teenagers from Europe took home $1.5 million each in the Duos finals.

How much did Mongraal win in the World Cup?

Mongraal obtained $100,000 in total prize money earned on July 27, 2019 with a $225,000.00 cash prize from his 6th place finish at Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Duo. Prize money from 20 tournaments got him to that point.

How old is FaZe h1ghsky1 right now?

He was born on July 1, 2005, and his age is 13 years old (as in 2019), His zodiac sign is Cancer.

H1ghSky1 Personal Life/Biography.

Date of Birth/Birthday July 1, 2005
Age 15 Years (As in 2020)
Country United States of America
Nationality American

How old is Bugha?

18 years (December 30, 2002)

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How much is Bugha worth?

Bugha Net Worth

Real Name Kyle Giersdorf
DOB December 30, 2002 (17 years)
Height 6 ft 0 in
Net Worth $4 million
Source of Wealth Professional Gamer, eSports, Online Streamer

Who is the best fortnite player?

Top 10 Fortnite Players In The World

Rank Name Tournament Victories
#1 Kyle Giersdorf 4
#2 Williams Aubin 10
#3 David Wang 8
#4 Benjy Fish 8

How tall is Mongraal?


Name Kyle Jackson
Country of Birth United Kingdom
Birthday August 14, 2004 (age 16)
Height 5 ft 9 (175 cm)
Est. Net Worth $1.5M

Who is FaZe Highskys brother?

He’s too young to compete in the tournament, so he’s spending the weekend meeting fans and cheering on fellow players while his older brother Cristian trails him like a paparazzo. There are 80 or so gamers in FaZe Clan, with millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.

What is FaZe Highsky’s real name?

His real name is Patrick Bragaru.

How tall is FaZe apex?

Faze Apex is 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 meters) tall.

How tall is MSF Clix?


Name Cody Conrod
Country of Birth United States
Birthday January 7, 2005 (age 16)
Height 160 cm
Est. Net Worth $250,968

What PC does Bugha use?

What gaming PC specs does Bugha use? For gaming, Bugha uses a Intel Core i9-10900K CPU with a NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3090 GPU. He uses a ASRock Z490M Pro4 motherboard. Bugha uses Patriot Memory Viper Steel Series memory and a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB SSD for storage.

Who is Bugha girlfriend?

According to EarlyGame, Bugha is in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Angelica.

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