Who was the referee in the 1966 World Cup final?

Gottfried Dienst (Basel, 9 September 1919 – Bern, 1 June 1998) was a Swiss association football referee. He was mostly known as the referee of the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final.

Who was the referee in the final match?

World Cup Final Match Officials

Year Referee Assistant Referees
2006 Horacio Elizondo Darío García Rodolfo Otero
2010 Howard Webb Darren Cann Michael Mullarkey
2014 Nicola Rizzoli Renato Faverani Andrea Stefani
2018 Néstor Pitana Hernán Maidana Juan Pablo Belatti

Why did England wear red in 1966 final?

However, as it was paired with white shorts and socks, it meant that England, now in Umbro uniforms, were obliged to change their socks to red. When it came to the World Cup Final, the teams tossed a coin to decide who would wear white shirts on the big day and, once again, it was England who ended up playing in red.

Who was in the 1966 World Cup team?

The forty included the 22 who eventually were named to the final squad, plus another eighteen: Gordon West, Everton; Tony Waiters, Blackpool; Keith Newton, Blackburn Rovers; Chris Lawler, Liverpool; Paul Reaney, Leeds United; Gordon Milne, Liverpool; Marvin Hinton, Chelsea; John Hollins, Chelsea; Tommy Smith, Liverpool …

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Who was the commentator for the 1966 World Cup?

Kenneth Wolstenholme, DFC & Bar (17 July 1920 – 25 March 2002) was an English football commentator for BBC television in the 1950s and 1960s. In the final moments of the 1966 FIFA World Cup, he said “some people are on the pitch…they think it’s all over….it is now!” as Geoff Hurst scored England’s fourth goal.

How much do Champions League final refs get paid?

Champions League referees are divided into tiers depending on their experience, and thus the more senior officials are paid over £5,500 per game if they are in the Elite tier. Elite Development referees get £3,800, while the bottom tier ones get £700 per game.

Which English referees are at the World Cup?

Video assistant referee

But English referees are trained in using VAR – Taylor and Oliver have officiated in cup matches using the technology this year.

Which 1966 players are still alive?

Only four members of the starting XI that day remain alive today in Sir Bobby Charlton, George Cohen, Geoff Hurst and Roger Hunt. A statement read: “The Stiles family are sad to announce that Nobby Stiles passed away peacefully today (30/10/2020) surrounded by his family after a long illness.

Who has died from the 1966 World Cup team?

Following the death of Nobby Stiles on Friday, here is a look back at how England’s men followed up on that historic World Cup win. Went on to win 73 England caps and make 628 club appearances in a 15-year career.

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Who won the World Cup 1966?

England national football team

Who scored for Germany in 1966?

Geoff Hurst hit a brilliant hat-trick to secure England’s first World Cup triumph in a 4-2 victory over West Germany at Wembley. The West Ham striker equalised Helmut Haller’s opener before Martin Peters looked to have netted the winner with 12 minutes remaining, only to see Wolfgang Weber level.

Who scored the other goal in 1966?

Another 400 million people around the world watched the keenly fought match on television. In the final moments of extra time Geoff Hurst powered home his third goal to give England a 4-2 victory and to become the first man ever to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final.

Did the ball cross the line in 1966?

Few moments in sporting history have provoked such fierce debate – but on Monday night Sky Sports conclusively proved what England fans have known all along: Geoff Hurst’s controversial extra-time goal in the 1966 World Cup Final did cross the line.

WHO said some people are on the pitch?

BBC Sport looks back to the final few moments of the 1966 World Cup final at Wembley, when England’s Geoff Hurst completed his hat-trick against West Germany and BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme uttered his famous line: “Some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over. It is now!”

Who did Brian Moore support?

Moore married Betty in 1955. He was also a lifelong supporter of Gillingham F.C., and a director at the club for seven years. A stand at the club’s Priestfield Stadium was named after him.

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