Who won World Cup 2003?

What happened in 2003 World Cup final?

For defending champions Australia it was their fifth World Cup final, while for India it was the second after their 1983 victory. Australia won the match by 125 runs to claim the title for the third time.

2003 Cricket World Cup Final.

The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
Event 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup
Attendance 31,779
← 1999 2007 →

What was the score in the 2003 World Cup final?

The match was played between England and Australia on 22 November 2003 at Telstra Stadium in Sydney in front of a crowd of 82,957 people. England won 20–17 to win the Webb Ellis Cup for the first time, also becoming the first European side to win the cup.

Who won World Cup 1999?

Сборная Австралии по крикету

Which country has won the World Cup in cricket in 2003?


Year Official Host(s) Final
2003 South Africa Zimbabwe Kenya Australia 359/2 (50 overs)
2007 West Indies Australia 281/4 (38 overs)
2011 India Sri Lanka Bangladesh India 277/4 (48.2 overs)
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Who was wicketkeeper in 2003 World Cup?

Here’s Why Rahul Dravid Was Wicketkeeper In The 2003 World Cup – It Was The Only Way He Could Be In The Team! Remember how Rahul Dravid was keeping in the 2003 World Cup? Well it had all started a year earlier when Sourav Ganguly had asked him to stand behind the stumps.

Who won 2002 World Cup?

The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
Toss India, elected to field first
Player Of The Series Sachin Tendulkar
Series result Australia won the 2002/03 ICC World Cup
Match number ODI no. 1993

Which team won the World Cup 2007?

Cricket World Cup History 2007: Winners, Runners-up, Stats of World Cup 2007. Australia defeated Sri Lanka by 53 runs (via D/L method) in the final to clinch their fourth World Cup, their third title in a row.

Who won World Cup 2005?

Scotland won the tournament, beating Ireland by 47 runs in the final.

Who won the World Cup 1987?

Australian Men’s Cricket Team

Why was there no 1999 World Cup in 2000?

As can be seen, the first was in 1998, 2 years 6 months after the previous cricket world cup. The hosting of the 1999 world cup would have been determined by then (and the date) so having it every 2 yrs since would not have caused any clash. … 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003…)

What happened in 1999 World Cup?

The tournament was won by Australia, who beat Pakistan by 8 wickets in the final at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

1999 Cricket World Cup.

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Logo of the ICC Cricket World Cup 1999
Dates 14 May – 20 June
Player of the series Lance Klusener
Most runs Rahul Dravid (461)

Who led India in 1999 WC?

Overall record

Location/Year Round Captain
1999 Super Six M Azharuddin
2003 Runners-up Sourav Ganguly
2007 Group stage Rahul Dravid
2011 Champions MS Dhoni

Who won most ICC World Cups?

There are 12 World Cup tournaments being held till date. Australia is the most success country which won 5 World Cups. India & West Indies are the only two countries which have won the world cup 2 times each. India won the World Cup in 1983 and 2011, while West Indies won in 1975 and 1979.

Who won the World Cup 2020?

West Indies cricket team

Which team scored most 400 runs in ODI?

#1 South Africa (6 times):

There have been a lot of high scoring ODIs in South Africa in the recent years. South Africa has crossed the 400-run mark six times in ODIs.

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