You asked: How much is a smart soccer ball?

Is there a monthly fee for DribbleUp?

Dribble up charging $7.99 every month for use with app.

Is the smart soccer ball worth it?

Overall a great product and he uses it all the time (just in short bursts because of the phone overheating). I do recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their soccer skills.

How much does a smart ball cost?

Want to be the hero, playing in the next World Cup? Adidas says its miCoach Smart Ball can make you that star — for a steep price. After practicing with the ball for a season, I saw an improvement in the curve and power of my kicks, which is what you’d expect from a $200 smart ball.

Do you need a subscription for DribbleUp?

A free DribbleUp account is required to track data, but there are no subscription fees or in-app purchases. With few pieces to set up, getting started took about five minutes or so.

Can you connect dribble up to TV?

Players that have used Dribble Up before are fine using it on a smaller screen on a phone but the first time you use the app it’s nice to see it on a bigger screen. … You can always connect your phone to your TV when you first start using the app while you get used to it.

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How do I join dribble live?

When you buy a new Dribble Up ball you have the option of adding in Dribble Up Live. If you already have a smart ball and want to add in the Live feature you can go to the same site where you created your Dribble Up user account and add DribbleUp Live. This opens in a new window.

What is the best smart soccer ball?

3 Must See Smart Soccer Balls

  • adidas miCoach smart ball: this smart ball comes with a sensor to record strike point, speed, spin, and trajectory as you kick the ball. …
  • DribbleUp: an app-enhanced soccer ball that gamifies training to improve your skills. …
  • INSIDECOACH: has various sensors to detect motion and collect data.

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Can you use any ball with dribble up?

Turns out you can use any DribbleUp soccer ball with the same app, it’s not like the one specific ball is paired with the app. So if I bought a ball for my daughter and a ball for my son and one day my daughter couldn’t find hers, she could still use her brothers.

What size soccer ball does a 10 year old use?

Soccer Ball Sizes Chart:

Soccer Ball Size: Ages:
Size 2 20 – 22 inches 3 – 5 years old
Size 3 23 – 24 inches 5 – 8 years old
Size 4 25 – 26 inches 8 – 11 years old
Size 5​ 27 – 28 inches 12+ years old

What happened to Adidas miCoach?

On February 28, 2018, adidas closed down the miCoach platform and handed the baton to Runtastic. Your miCoach data is now anonymized within the adidas systems and no longer accessible. It is no longer possible to migrate your data from the miCoach platform to the adidas Running app.

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What does a smart ball do?

The miCoach Smart Ball improves performance skills immensely in the way it is able to track your passes, penalties and free kicks. The ball and app are designed for training on precision shooting and long passes or dead-ball plays (such as penalties, free-kicks, corners, and goal kicks).

What does a smart soccer ball do?

A larger stand designed to keep your head and eyes facing up. A small, lightweight phone/tablet stand for quick and easy use.

How do I cancel my subscription to dribble up live?

Cancellation. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT ANY TIME BY CONTACTING US AT We do not provide refunds for Subscription cancellations.

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