You asked: Who is the best defense in soccer?

1. Thiago Silva (PSG) The undisputed best central defender in world football at present is PSG and Brazil star Thiago Silva, captain of his victorious side at the recent Confederations Cup.

Who is the best defender in soccer 2020?

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  • Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool | 90 OVR.
  • Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid | 89 OVR.
  • Giorgio Chiellini – Piemonte Calcio | 89 OVR.
  • Kalidou Koulibaly – Napoli | 89 OVR.
  • Gerard Piqué – FC Barcelona | 88 OVR.

Which soccer team has the best defense?

These criteria produce offensive and defensive ratings for each team which are then converted to an overall score on the Soccer Power Index.

Best soccer club teams worldwide – Soccer Power Index as of October 2020.

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Soccer Power Index
Barcelona 89.6
Liverpool 88.8
Real Madrid 88.6
Atletico Madrid 86.6

Who is the best defender right now?

Top 50 Best Defenders, Centre Back or Libero Players

Rank Name Age
Rank Name Age
1 Thiago Silva 36
2 John Stones 26
3 Rúben Dias 23

Who is the best defender in football 2019?

For 2019, the following players are considered as the 20 best defenders in the world.

  • Virgil Van Dijk.
  • Raphael Varane.
  • Giorgio Chiellini.
  • Samuel Umtiti.
  • Kalidou Koulibaly.
  • Jan Vertonghen.
  • Diego Godin.
  • Sergio Ramos.

20 окт. 2019 г.

Who are the top 10 defenders in soccer?

Top 10 Centre-Backs in the World as of 2021

  1. Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool)
  2. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) …
  3. Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli) …
  4. Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) …
  5. Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City) …
  6. Raphael Varane (Real Madrid) …
  7. Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich) …
  8. Gerard Pique (Barcelona) …

8 нояб. 2020 г.

Who is best defender in England?

Best Premier League fantasy football defenders

  • Lucas Digne | Everton | £6m. …
  • Virgil van Dijk | Liverpool | £6.5m. …
  • Cesar Azpilicueta | Chelsea | £6m. …
  • Kyle Walker | Man City | £6m. …
  • Gabriel | Arsenal | £5m. …
  • Ben White | Brighton | £4.5m. …
  • Stuart Dallas | Leeds Utd | £4.5m. …
  • James Justin | Leicester City | £4.5m. Right-back James Justin has been handed the No.

11 сент. 2020 г.

Which team has the best attack?

Goals change games, and here are the teams who are best-equipped to score them.

  1. Real Madrid. 25 of 25. Do Not Sell My Personal Information.
  2. Barcelona. 24 of 25. David Ramos/Getty Images. …
  3. Bayern Munich. 23 of 25. Ted S. …
  4. Manchester City. 22 of 25. …
  5. Liverpool. 21 of 25. …
  6. Paris Saint-Germain. 20 of 25. …
  7. Arsenal. 19 of 25. …
  8. Chelsea. 18 of 25. …
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Which is the most defensive league in Europe?

Serie A, in Italy, has a reputation as the most tactical and defensive of the major European leagues.

Which club has the best Defence in Europe?

The best defence in Europe’s top 5 leagues | Real Madrid CF.

Who is the No 1 defender in the world?

1. Thiago Silva (PSG) The undisputed best central defender in world football at present is PSG and Brazil star Thiago Silva, captain of his victorious side at the recent Confederations Cup.

Who is the best striker in the world right now 2020?

No player in the world has scored as many goals as he has done in such a short number of games, hence, Robert Lewandowski is the best striker in the world.

Who is the king of football right now?

Ronaldo is the all-time leading goalscorer in the Champions League, having shone in the competition with Manchester United and Real Madrid in particular.

Who is the god of football?

He was none other than Diego Maradona, one of the world’s greatest football players, also called ‘The God of Football’. He saw heaven and hell on Earth and died Wednesday at the age of 60. Maradona was a player who, apart from scoring goals, also made mistakes.

Who is the best winger in the world?

Football 2020 in Review: Five best wingers in the Premier League in 2020

  • In this article, we will take a look at the five best wingers in the Premier League during the year 2020:
  • Marcus Rashford – Manchester United.
  • Raheem Sterling – Manchester City.
  • Heung Min-Son – Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Mohamed Salah – Liverpool.
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Who is the highest paid defender in the world?

Liverpool to make Virgil van Dijk the best paid defender in the world after announcing monster £533m turnover.

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