Your question: What year did Italy last win the World Cup?

Italy is one of the most successful national teams in the history of the World Cup, having won four titles (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006) and appearing in two other finals (1970, 1994), reaching a third place (1990) and a fourth place (1978).

Has Italy won a World Cup?

The most recent World Cup, which was hosted by Russia in 2018, was won by France.

Soccer World Cup titles won by country from 1930 to 2018.

Number of World Cup titles
Brazil 5
Germany 4
Italy 4
Uruguay 2

What day did Italy win the World Cup in 2006?

2006 FIFA World Cup Final

The final was played at Berlin’s Olympiastadion.
Event 2006 FIFA World Cup
After extra time Italy won 5–3 on penalties
Date 9 July 2006
Venue Olympiastadion, Berlin

Who won the FIFA 2006?

Сборная Италии по футболу

Who won the 2006 World Cup final?

Сборная Италии по футболу

Why is Italy called the Azzurri?

It’s the national sport and there is enormous interest and pride in it and particularly in the Italian national soccer team, the ‘Nazionale’, more commonly called the ‘Azzurri’. They are the Azzurri because of the dark blue shirts – ‘Azzurri’ meaning ‘blue’ – which are their traditional colours.

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What country has hosted the most World Cups?

Brazil. Although Brazil has the most World Cup wins of any country, they’ve only hosted the tournament once – in 1950.

Who won the most World Cups?

France national football team

Who won the first World Cup?

Uruguay national football team

Who won the World Cup in 2014?

Germany national football team

Who knocked England out of the 2006 World Cup?

England went out of the World Cup 3-1 on penalties after their quarter-final with Portugal ended 0-0. England lost skipper David Beckham to injury just after half-time and Wayne Rooney was sent off after 62 minutes for a stamp on Ricardo Carvalho.

Which country won the 2006 World Cup?

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™

Why was Zidane sent off?

There’s few more iconic World Cup final moments than Zidane’s final ever moment as a player in the 2006 final, when he was sent off for landing a headbutt in the centre of Materazzi’s head.

Who won the World Cup?

England cricket team

Who won the World Cup in 2004?

Greece did not lose for 15 games. They won in Spain.

Who won the World Cup 2010?

Spain national football team

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