Are football jerseys machine washable?

Use the “delicate” or “gentle” setting on your washing machine so it won’t get rough treatment. If you’re cleaning an actual sports uniform, use powdered detergent and wash the jersey right after practices or games before dirt and sweat can soak in.

Do NFL jerseys shrink in the wash?

A lack of excess material in the modern form-fitting NFL uniforms prevents a player on the opposing team from grabbing your jersey and disrupting the play. Jerseys that are too large and at least part cotton can be shrunk in the wash.

Can you wash jersey fabric?

Jersey is a low-maintenance fabric. You can machine wash it rather than have it dry-cleaned. While jersey does have a tendency to shrink, shrinkage can be avoided by washing in cold water or washing by hand, and air-drying or tumble drying on the low setting.

Do jerseys shrink in the wash?

While many jerseys are made of 100 percent polyester, which does not shrink, some are made of a cotton-polyester blend. If your jersey has some cotton in it, you may be able to shrink it in the wash. … If it has not shrunk enough to your liking, repeat the washing and drying on high heat several more times.

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How do you clean football uniforms?


  1. Rinse the Uniform. After each game or practice, rinse off the uniform in a utility sink with cold water to remove as much loose dirt and mud as possible. …
  2. Presoak the Uniform. …
  3. Pretreat Stains. …
  4. Disinfect the Pads. …
  5. Load the Washer. …
  6. Add Detergent and Odor Control. …
  7. Air-Dry the Uniform and Pads.

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Can you wash Nike NFL jerseys?

The best thing you can do to protect the numbers, logos and patches on your jersey is to turn it inside out before washing. This will prevent the jersey from rubbing against other jerseys, the inside of the washing machine or even against itself. … Machine wash cold separately, or at least with like colors.

Can you make a jersey smaller?

Make sure nothing is touching either side of the shirt. … If there is a great deal of synthetic material in the shirt, it may not shrink. Because trying to shrink fabric often goes expressly against the care instructions on clothing labels, there is no guarantee that shrinking the jersey won’t damage the material.

Should I pre wash jersey fabric?


Prewash – YES YES YES. Please don’t skip this with jersey fabric especially. It will shrink. … Often patterns recommend more fabric that is needed but if you are concerned or want to add length to a garment then get more.

Is jersey cloth breathable?

Jersey is soft and smooth, providing comfort for the wearer. Opaque. Jersey fabric is opaque as a result of its knitted composition, which brings the fibers closer together with no way for light to pass through. Absorbent and breathable.

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Can Jersey be ironed?

How to iron jersey. Jersey fabric items should need very little or no ironing. If you do need to iron them, iron on the wrong side of the fabric using a medium heat setting and steam if necessary.

How do you shrink a jersey fast?

What is the fastest way to shrink a shirt? The fastest way to shrink a shirt is to wash is to first place it in cold water, then put it in the washing machine in a very hot setting. Then put it in the tumble dryer, again on a high setting.

Do jerseys run big?

Do NFL Jerseys run big or small? In general, NFL Jerseys will fit a little larger, but that depends on the jersey type. We recommend buying the next size up jersey if you plan on wearing clothes underneath (hoodies, t-shirts, etc).

How do you shrink a jersey fabric?

How Do You Shrink A Jersey Fabric?

  1. Using a hand wash or machine is fine. Just make sure you use hot water. …
  2. Then, put the garment inside the dryer. You can select the high heat option to dry it.
  3. During the drying cycle, check the garment. …
  4. Once you achieve your desired size or shrinkage, hang it to dry.

How do you clean a jersey without ruining it?

  1. How to Wash Your Sports Jersey. …
  2. Treat Tough Stains First. …
  3. Wash Jerseys with Other Jerseys. …
  4. Turn Jerseys Inside Out & Undo the Buttons. …
  5. Use a Gentle Detergent & Wash Cycle. …
  6. Keep Water Warm — but Not Too Warm. …
  7. Use Short Cycles & Multiple Rinses. …
  8. Always Hang-Dry.
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How do you get stains out of football jerseys?

Rub stain with Oil Soap or a solution of 1 tablespoon Borax in a cup of water. Let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. If stain persists, soak item in gallon of water with 1 cup of ammonia added, or use 1 cup bleach if items are white.

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