Best answer: Are Suarez and Messi friends?

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Atletico Madrid’s Luis Suarez have formed a new rivalry amongst themselves. Although best friends, from their time together at Barcelona and still good friends to date, the Argentine and the Uruguayan have a new platform to compete on.

Are Messi and Suarez still friends?

Suarez’s move however did not affect their friendship and the two speak regularly and still share a special bond. “I speak to Luis almost every day, and between the three of us, we have a very good relationship.”

Who is Messi’s best friend?

Lionel Messi best friends in football: Lavezzi, Pique, Aguero. Lionel Messi’s best friends list includes the likes of Ezequiel Lavezzi and Sergio Aguero, both of whom played for Argentina. Lavezzi brought an end to his career in 2019, after playing for the likes of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Is Messi and Neymar still friends?

The Brazilian superstar has a great relationship with Messi and they continued to be friends even after he left the club back in 2017. Neymar had previously spoken about the possibilities of his old teammate joining him at PSG and he had said, “what I want the most is to play with Messi again.

Is Messi happy with Koeman?

After the 5-1 win over Alaves, Barca manager Ronald Koeman said that Messi was ‘happy and excited’ at Camp Nou. … He’s excited, he’s happy and he’s been very effective in front of goal,” Koeman said while talking to reporters after Barcelona’s emphatic win.

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Who is Neymar best friend?

We’re together to chat, travel,” Gustavo Almeida, one of Neymar’s best friends, told Brazilian outlet UOL Esporte in a rare interview. Gustavo was Neymar’s teammate on their childhood futsal team but retired from playing in 2014 when he was asked to move to Barcelona by his more-talented friend.

Who is Messi’s wife?

Antonela Roccuzzom. 2017

Are Marcelo and Ronaldo still friends?

Time and again fans have pointed out that Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit from Real Madrid has been a big loss for the Los Blancos particularly after the Los Blancos face big losses. Now even his former teammate, Marcelo is also missing his former teammate Ronaldo. Marcelo and Ronaldo have been quite close to each other.

Who is the best friend of Ronaldo?

RWB – Ricardo Quaresma

Quaresma has been the best off the field buddy of Ronaldo and the duo has shared some good times together.

Will Messi leave Barcelona to PSG?

Indeed, Messi had indicated to Barca that he wanted to leave only to be blocked from doing so, with the Argentine exclusively revealing to Goal that he would ultimately be staying until at least the summer of 2021.

Will Messi leave Barcelona this summer?

The player feels betrayed and has decided to leave at the end of the season. The player has a verbal agreement other team, and in for February/March he will begin preparing his transfer. The decision is taken. Leo Messi will leave the club at the end of season!

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