Best answer: What does a football groundsman do?

What does a groundsperson do? A groundsperson or greenkeeper looks after sports grounds, such as football, cricket and rugby pitches, bowling greens, tennis courts, racecourses and golf courses. Your main responsibility would be to manage the soil and grass to make sure the turf is always in top condition.

What are the duties of a groundsman?

The Groundsman is responsible for maintaining equipment and materials, and for ensuring adequate stock levels of consumables. You will ensure the appearance of trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns, and keep the grounds free from harmful insects and plant diseases.

How much does a groundsman make?

Groundsman Salaries

Job Title Salary
Royal Sydney Golf Club Groundsman salaries – 1 salaries reported A$32/hr
TAFE NSW Groundsman salaries – 1 salaries reported A$29/hr
Enclos Groundsman salaries – 1 salaries reported A$48,000/yr

How much does a groundsman make UK?

How much does a Groundsman make? The national average salary for a Groundsman is £21,615 in United Kingdom.

Why do they water the grass at halftime?

Watering the grass improves the speed of the game. Passes are faster and the ball moves faster. Dry grass has a high friction on the ball. Also, wet grass probably lowers the risk of some injuries.

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How do I become an electrical groundsman?

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement to become a lineman/groundman. You must find someone to apprentice under to learn the proper techniques, gain knowledge of electricity training, and receive hands-on experience. You also need to be able to understand mechanical and electrical concepts.

How do you describe Groundskeeping on a resume?


  • Prune shrubs and trees as needed and clean up debris maintain clean job site.
  • Pull weeds as needed and clean up any other debris from landscaping area.
  • Perform basic maintenance on landscaping related equipment as needed.

Do linemen make good money?

The bottom 10 percent of electrical linemen made under $37,600, while the top 10 percent earned very generous wages over $99,860. While natural gas distribution companies offered the highest average wage of $95,550, electrical power companies employed the most linemen and paid them $73,850 a year on average.

How much does a Groundman make an hour?

Groundman Salaries

Job Title Salary
Pike Corporation Groundman salaries – 18 salaries reported $15/hr
Asplundh Groundman salaries – 16 salaries reported $14/hr
Southern California Edison Groundman salaries – 6 salaries reported $33/hr
The Davey Tree Expert Company Groundman salaries – 5 salaries reported $16/hr

How much do green keepers get paid?

Find out what the average Greenkeeper salary is

The average Greenkeeper salary in the United Kingdom is £19,000 per year or £9.74 per hour. Entry level positions start at £15,556 per year while most experienced workers make up to £30,686 per year.

Why do they cut the grass straight after a football match?

In summer it is thicker so it needs to be cut short to ensure the ball moves across the surface at a reasonable speed; in winter it’s thinner so the grass can be kept longer. If the grass is shorter, it also doesn’t stick under players’ feet as much.

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How do I become a groundskeeper UK?

You can get into this job through: a university course. a college course. an apprenticeship.


  1. Level 2 Certificate in Sports and Amenity Turf Maintenance.
  2. Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture Skills.
  3. Level 3 Diploma in Horticulture.

What’s a groundsman?

Groundsmen or greenkeepers are professionals who take responsibility for the maintenance of materials and equipment. They make certain to provide enough stock of consumables. Part of their responsibilities is to make sure that the grounds, flowers, lawns, and shrubs are kept from plant diseases and harmful insects.

How do they keep football fields green?

The grass stays green and needs mowed, fertilized, and watered just like normal. Replicate the Sun with Monster Heat Lamps – They use giant mobile heat lamps to give off fake sunshine to the grass.

How do they water football fields?

Sprinklers can be hidden deep under the surface of the turf and brought up before the match to spray water over the pitch. The system can be automated to work at specific times every day of the year and for specific lengths of time, too.

Does Old Trafford have real grass?

While Old Trafford’s current pitch is a pure grass surface, the new pitch will be a fusion of grass and 20 million artificial fibres, which intertwine with the natural grass 20 centimetres beneath the surface to give strengthen the playing area and make it more robust and stable.

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