How can I join Chelsea Football Academy in Lagos?

Where is Chelsea Football Academy in Lagos?

Noah Olivier and President Soccer Africa Sports Management, Dominic Egbukwu, who were the club’s representative in Nigerian disclosed that information to Daily Sunsports, saying that the camp would be located in Victoria Island, Lagos, and would serve as Chelsea’s breeding ground for promising young Nigerian players.

How much does it cost to join a football academy in Nigeria?

For example, to join Pepsi Football Academy, you have to pay ₦6,000 for the form. Registration fee into any of these soccer academies ranges from ₦6,000 to ₦10,000.

How do you join a football academy?

We have come up with the 4 ultimate ways to join a football club academy.

  1. Getting scouted in 2 ways.
  2. Getting the right agent for you.
  3. Contacting clubs by yourself.
  4. Join a specialised academy that trains you and finds trials for you.

Where do Chelsea Academy train?

RTC training and home games will be played at the Chelsea FC Training ground located in Cobham. Chelsea FC Women base is located at the rear of the Training Ground, when you arrive you will be directed to the allocated Carpark. You can also arrive at the Training Ground via Train.

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How can I join Chelsea academy?

Applying to Chelsea

  1. Complete the Online Application Form, including the parents’ statement and the applicant’s essay. …
  2. Submit at least one full year of grade reports or school records that include the most recent reporting period. …
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation from a current teacher. …
  4. Take the admissions test.

How do I join the England football academy?

To apply to attend our academy you will need to:

  1. a completed booking form – Download booking forms here.
  2. a copy of your latest school report.
  3. a written reference from your most recent football coach or school sport teacher.

Do Academy footballers get paid?

The answer is yes, Academy players get paid. Youth players receive a salary when they leave school and sign a professional contract. … Like other industries where an apprentice receives a low wage before signing a professional contract.

Can you join football academy 25?

Some pro players start their career even at 19, although at that age, they will start from amateur league, not from academy. Secure soccer fields where your teams can train and play games. The NCAA does not impose an age limit on playing college football.

How can I join Nigeria Football Academy?

Registration and Admission into the Academy

The completed Application & Registration form should be submitted along with: The photocopy of the student’s birth certificate. Two (2) passport photographs of the student + one passport photograph of either parent/guardian. Copies of the students school results.

What age is too late to become a footballer?

However, considering that soccer is a sport that requires one to develop through different stages, it’s, generally, too late to become a professional player when you’re past 23 years old. Soccer is one of those sports that you can’t play effectively when you’re past a certain age.

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Can I join a football academy at 15?

Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools(BBFS)

It is rated a 4-star club by All India Football Federation and the players are given an opportunity to participate in U-13, U-15, and U-18 All India Football Federation Youth leagues.

What age do football scouts look for?

At what age do footballers get scouted? You can get scouted in football from the ages of 7 until 22 and most of the players get scouted by football academies at 13. There isn’t necessarily a specific age when you’re too old to get scouted, however, the oldest age for you to be scouted normally is the early twenties.

Has Chelsea started training?

The Chelsea first team have trained at Stoke D’Abernon since 2005, but it was not officially opened until 2007.

Cobham Training Centre.

Coordinates 51°19′0.84″N 0°23′10.30″WCoordinates: 51°19′0.84″N 0°23′10.30″W
Owner Chelsea F.C.
Type Sports facility
Built 2004

How do you get scouted for Chelsea?

How to get scouted by a Chelsea FC Academy scout

  1. Players CV.
  2. Covering Letter.
  3. Players Vital Statistics: Players position, Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, contact email/phone/address, current club, previous clubs, detail of any trials already attended, any representative honours such as school, districts, county etc.

How often do Chelsea players train?

Players will train for approx 300 hours in total per year (3-5 sessions per week) with their local grassroots football (except for very local players who train one a week at the Rosenborg club.

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