How do you maintain a 3g football pitch?

As with any artificial surface, combining daily and weekly in-house routines with specialist, deep-cleaning works is the key to a successful 3G pitch maintenance programme. Drag brushing should be carried out at least weekly, to maintain a consistent distribution of rubber infill and raise the carpet pile.

How long does a 3G pitch last?

How long does a 3G Pitch last for? An artificial turf football pitch generally has a lifespan of around 10 years, though this will vary based on how well the pitch has been constructed, the weekly hours of usage and how well the pitch has been maintained.

Can 3G pitches get waterlogged?

Synthetic 2G or 3G all weather sports pitches can become flooded and waterlogged for all kids of reasons, however the most common reasons are compaction and contamination of the sand and rubber infill layer due to a lack of proper maintenance.

What studs for 3G pitch?

Boots with moulded circular multi-studs are the recommended footwear for competitive training and matches on all 3G surfaces Astro or 4G Artificial Grass training shoes with a dimpled sole are also recommended.

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Are 3G pitches allowed in the Football League?

Recently the Conference League changed its rules to allow synthetic 3G pitches to be allowed in the Conference National League, (the League that feeds into the Football League). This follows on from the FA’s decision in 2014 to allow artificial surfaces to be used in all rounds of the FA Cup.

How much does it cost to install a 3G football pitch?

According to the BBC, the average 3G pitch costs around £500,000.

What is a 5G football pitch?

A 5G Football Pitch is an artificial turf surface used for football. The 5G football surface is rubber filled all weather pitch specification.

What is a 3G football pitch?

3G Pitches

3G stands for a Third Generation synthetic surface which consists of three elements; synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. These surfaces are typically between 35mm-65mm in pile height. … They consist of three elements: synthetic turf, sand infill and performance infill – typically rubber or EPDM.

Does artificial grass get waterlogged?

With artificial grass there is no need to worry about water drainage, artificial lawns drain water as if it is regular grass and even better in some cases. … Water simply drains straight through these holes and into the aggregate base below. Due to this, artificial lawns dry relatively quickly compared to regular lawns.

What does 3G pitch mean?

3G pitches are a synthetic turf made from artificial grass, supported by a base layer of sand and rubber crumb infill. The rubber crumb is spread throughout the blades of grass to provide a natural feel similar to real turf.

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Can you wear plastic studs on 3G pitch?

They can also flatten the pile of the grass, which means the pitch won’t last as long. Do, however, consider plastic studded footwear. In particular, an Artificial Ground (AG) boot is perfect for 3G turf thank to its conical studs. … Another do is firm ground football or rugby boots with round plastic studs (NOT blades).

Can you wear studs on 4G?

Do NOT wear boots with metal studs or metal blades.

These will damage the surface. Also, boots with plastic blades are shown to increase the risk of knee and lower leg injury when used on a 4G surface. The Best footwear is rubber or plastic moulded studded boots.

What are Moulded studs?

Moulded studs are small plastic or rubber studs which are built into the boot’s sole. Although traditionally round, they now come in various shapes and quantities depending on the manufacturer’s design. On average, each boot can have anywhere between 6 to 20+ studs which provide both support and grip to the player.

Are 3G pitches safe?

Third generation or 3G artificial grass pitches are recognised as durable, safe, year-round playing surfaces, able to withstand intensive use and all kinds of weather.

Which football clubs have artificial pitches?

And in North America’s Major League Soccer, artificial pitches have been used since its advent in 1996, but are now considerably less popular than 14 years ago. Currently, only the New England Revolution and the Seattle Sounders are the only clubs that use an artificial surface.

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