How many levels are there in football coaching?

The Football Association (FA) has 5 levels a football coach can do. They will teach all aspects of the game and allow coaches to gradually hone in on specialist areas and advance their career.

Can you fail Level 1 football coaching?

Level 1 is generally considered pretty difficult to fail as it’s largely about keeping young players safe and happy within the game and providing a positive footballing environment that allows them to develop.

How many football coaching badges are there?

How Many FA Coaching Badges Are There? There are 5 levels to becoming a football coach.

How many levels of coaching qualifications are there in the coaching framework?

European Qualification Framework (EQF): A preliminary comparison between the revised European Structure for the Recognition of Coaching Qualifications (four levels) and the emerging EQF (7 levels) has been made and suggests that the four main coaching roles lie between levels 3 and 7 of the EQF.

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What is Level 1 football coaching?


This will be an online course designed to provide learners with an introduction to coaching the game. The course will be complemented by practical and face to face learning experiences delivered locally as part of our ongoing coach development offer.

How much is a UEFA B Licence?

The standard cost of a UEFA “B” License — a prerequisite to work at a professional club’s academy — is £990, and it can cost as much as £2,450. In Germany, the cost is €430; in Spain it is €1,100.

How long does it take to get a UEFA B Licence?

Most candidates complete within 2 years. Find work in Centres of Excellence and Academies. Find work in Football in the Community, local authorities, US soccer camps. You have 3 years to complete, but it can be achieved in 6 months.

Can you be a football coach without playing?

There are very few professional coaches that have never played the game, so get some experience to learn the game from a player’s point of view. … You don’t have to become a professional player to get the experience necessary to learn the game. There are plenty of professional coaches that only played amateur football.

How do I start coaching football?

How to Become a Football Coach

  1. Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Most coaches need at least a bachelor’s degree. …
  2. Step 2: Develop Skills. The most important skill a football coach needs is knowledge of the game. …
  3. Step 3: Gain Experience.

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How long does it take to be a football coach?

Obtaining a job as an educator is one of the most reliable ways to get a job as a high school football coach; however, it usually takes 4 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in education.

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What is the best coaching qualification?

These include: the Foundation Certificate in Business Coaching Advanced Certificate in Business Coaching Masters Certificate in Business Coaching, together with the In-house Coaching Programme. The Foundation Certificate in Business Coaching is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

How long does ILM Level 3 take to complete?

ILM Level 3 in First Line Management is split into 3 sections, award, certificate and the diploma. The most popular options for delegates are the award and the certificate. The award will take 4 days to complete and is 4 workshops. The certificate is 7 days and each delegate completes 7 units.

Which coaching certification is best?

The 7 Best Life Coach Certification Programs of 2021

  • Best Overall: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.
  • Best Health-Focused: Health Coach Institute Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification.
  • Best for a Career Change: CoachU Core Essentials Program.
  • Best Intensive: Institute for Life Coach Training Professional Certification.

What skills do football coaches need?

If you’re thinking about a career as a football coach, having a certain set of skills and attributes could help you to achieve success.

  • Knowing the type of coach you are. Good coaches recognise their strengths and weaknesses. …
  • Patience. …
  • Leadership. …
  • Good communication skills. …
  • Positivity. …
  • Passion. …
  • Perseverance. …
  • Communication.

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What age can you do your FA Level 1?

An FA Level 1 coach will usually work alongside an FA Level 2 or UEFA B qualified coach as their assistant. To enroll onto the course you must be at least 16 years of age. Furthermore, you must hold a current FA Emergency Aid Certificate and have attended The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop as a minimum.

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How do I get FA Level 1?

All you need is an FA account and a laptop, tablet or mobile device and you’re good to go. The course can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. Sign up to FA Playmaker today and complete the course, then you’ll be ready to go when the new Introduction to Coaching Football course launches.

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