Question: Which football club has the most YouTube subscribers?

Number of subscribers in thousands

Who has the number 1 subscribers on YouTube?

Most-subscribed channels

Rank Channel Content category
1 T-Series Music
2 PewDiePie Entertainment
3 Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes Education
4 SET India Entertainment

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube 2020?

What is the most subscribed YouTube channel? Indian music network T-Series had the most YouTube subscribers in the world in October 2020, with 156 million users following the channel. Swedish video game commentator PewDiePie ranked second with over 107 million subscribers.

Who are the top 3 YouTubers?

ListsTop 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers in World

  • 1.) PewDiePie.
  • 2.) HolaSoyGerman.
  • 3.) Smosh.
  • 4.) elrubiusOMG.
  • 5.) VanossGaming.
  • 6.) Nigahiga.
  • 7.) JennaMarbles.
  • 8.) Yuya.

Who is the best football Youtuber?

100 Football Youtube Channels On Football News, Matches, Interviews, Players and Goals

  • F2Freestylers | Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel.
  • Football Daily | Football Videos.
  • talkSPORTmagazine | UK Football YouTube Channel.
  • HeilRJ Football Channel.
  • Slash Football.
  • FIFATV | FIFA Official YouTube Channel.
  • The Football Republic.
  • COPA90.
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Who is the richest YouTuber?

  • James Charles. Net worth: $22 million. …
  • VanossGaming. Net worth: $25 million. …
  • Ninja (Tyler Blevins) Net worth: $25 million. …
  • Markiplier. Net worth: $35 million. …
  • PewDiePie. Net worth: $40 million. …
  • Dude Perfect. Net worth: $50 million. …
  • Ryan Kaji. Net worth: $50 million. …
  • Jeffree Star. Net worth: $200 million.

Who is the fastest growing YouTuber?

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has quickly risen up the creator hierarchy, becoming one of the fastest-growing YouTube channel’s of 2020 and the number two overall creator of the year, according to the platform.

Who is the most disliked YouTuber?

Top videos

Rank Video name Uploader / artist
1 †”YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” YouTube
2 †”Sadak 2 Trailer” Fox Star Studios
3 “Baby” Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris
4 “Baby Shark Dance” Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories

Who is the richest Filipino YouTuber?

Each one on this list of the Top 10 Highest-Paid Pinoy YouTubers has them, including Edgar Dumali (4.5 million) and JaMill (11 million). Ranz Kyle, who’s No. 2 to Tulfo’s 13.7 million subscribers, has 12.5 million subscribers, followed by GMA Public Affairs (11.6 million), Niana Guerrero (11.4 million) and JaMill.

1. PewDiePie — 108 million subscribers.

Who is the first YouTuber?

The first youtuber was Jawed Karim who was also a founder of YouTube. Jawed Karim posted the first-ever video to YouTube. The 18-second video, entitled “Me at the zoo,” features Karim, a YouTube cofounder, at the San Diego Zoo standing in front of a bunch of elephants.

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Who is the best YouTuber in the World 2020?

1. PewDiePie – 102 Million Subscribers. Of course, at the top of our list is Swedish YouTuber, PewDiePie.

Can you tell who disliked your YouTube video?

Unfortunately, you can not find who disliked your video on YouTube by now. Likes and dislikes both are anonymous, which means creators can only know the number of likes and dislikes. … The reason for YouTube doing this is they want us to vote freely and don’t need to worry about too much if we dislike a video.

Which footballers have YouTube channels?

5 soccer players who have their own YouTube channel

  • Héctor Bellerín. The Spaniard, and who works as a right-back in Arsenal, has a YouTube channel called ‘Hector Bellerin”. …
  • Neymar Jr. The Brazilian ended up being one of the most expensive transfers in the world of football, he also has his own YouTube channel. …
  • Chicharito. …
  • Iker Casillas.

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How do you start your own YouTube channel?

01. Start with the basics

  1. Sign into YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings.
  3. Click on Create a new channel.
  4. Then choose “Use a business or other name”
  5. Add your Brand name and click create.

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Where do Youtubers who edit Football Soccer get clips from?

They Get Their Clips from YouTube Channels Which provide Player Individual Highlights, Match Highlights, Interviews and Stuff about football. Although, After Downloading the clips from those channel they edit it with apps like Sony Vegas pro etc…

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