Question: Who is the greatest Scottish footballer of all time?

Who is Scotland’s best football player?


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30 июн. 2020 г.

Who is the most capped Scottish footballer of all time?

Most capped players

# Name Caps
1 Kenny Dalglish 102
2 Jim Leighton 91
3 Darren Fletcher 80
4 Alex McLeish 77

Who is Scotland’s all time top scorer?

As of November 2020, both Kenny Dalglish and Denis Law have scored the most goals for the national football team of Scotland with 30 goals scored each.

Who is the best Celtic player ever?

Considering factors like longevity, impact on the club, success, skills, and consistency, here are the 10 greatest Celtic players ever.

  • Kenny Dalglish. Embed from Getty Images.
  • Patsy Gallacher. Embed from Getty Images. …
  • Bobby Lennox. Embed from Getty Images. …
  • Packie Bonner. Embed from Getty Images. …

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Who is the most expensive Scottish footballer?

Record transfer fees paid

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Rank Player Fee
1 Tore Andre Flo £12,000,000
2 Odsonne Édouard £9,000,000
3= Christopher Jullien £7,000,000
3= Ryan Kent £7,000,000

Who is the biggest club in Scotland?

Honours table

Rank Club League
1 Rangers 55
2 Celtic 51
3 Aberdeen 4
4 Heart of Midlothian 4

Who is the most capped player ever?

With 184 international caps, Ahmed Hassan of Egypt is the most-capped player of all time.

Who has the most caps for England?

Peter Shilton is England’s most capped player with 125 caps from 1970 to 1990.

Who is the best Scottish goalkeeper?

FM 2019 Scottish Best Goalkeepers (GK) Players Review, Profiles

Name Club
1 Allan McGregorGK Rangers
2 Craig GordonGK Celtic
3 David MarshallGK Hull
4 Scott BainGK Celtic

Who scored the most goals for Rangers?

Ally McCoist is the club’s record goalscorer, scoring 355 goals during his Rangers career.

How many goals did Ally McCoist score for Rangers?

Ally McCoist is a Rangers legend who became the club’s record goalscorer, netting 355 goals.

Has Scotland ever won the World Cup?

Archie Gemmill scored what has been described as one of the greatest World Cup goals ever in a 3–2 win during the 1978 World Cup against the Netherlands, who reached the final of the tournament.

Scotland national football team.

FIFA ranking
World Cup
Appearances 8 (first in 1954)
Best result 9th, 1974
European Championship

Who has more fans Celtic or Rangers?

However, Rangers managed to pull a crowd of 96.7% capacity compared with Celtic’s 94.6% for that season alone. The further down even the Scottish Premiership you travel, the more it highlights who are the real giants of the game.

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Who is the most successful Celtic manager?

The 30 major honours Maley won during his tenure are the most a manager has achieved at Celtic. Jock Stein is considered the club’s greatest manager, having revived the team after many years in the doldrums.

Who was the first black player to play for Celtic?

Gilbert Saint Elmo Heron (9 April 1922 – 27 November 2008) was a Jamaican professional footballer. He was the first black player to play for Scottish club Celtic and was the father of poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron.

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