Quick Answer: What are the duties of a referee in football?

What are the responsibilities of a referee in football?


  • enforcing the Laws of the Game;
  • controlling the match in co-operation with the assistant referees and, where applicable, with the fourth and other officials;
  • ensuring that any ball used meets the requirements of Law 2;
  • ensuring that the players’ equipment meets the requirements of Law 4;

What are the duties of a referee?

Referees officiate games or competitions. They explain and enforce rules, assess penalties, signal the start and end of games, stop play for reviews as needed and inspect sports equipment prior to the start of games.

What are the good qualities and duties of referee?

Eight Qualities of a Great Referee

  • INTEGRITY. A great referee is a guardian of honesty in each basketball competition. …
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS. It has long been recognized and proven, that there is a direct connection between your physical condition and your mental state. …
  • HUSTLE. …
  • COURAGE. …

What skills do referees need?


  • Excellent communication and people skills.
  • A self-confident, firm manner.
  • An affinity with or love for football is a distinct advantage.
  • Patience and self-control.
  • The ability to take on large amounts of information, to build up a thorough understanding of the rules of the game.
  • Decision-making ability.
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What happens if ball hits referee?

If the ball touches the referee or another match official and goes into the goal, or results in a change of possession or a promising attack, a dropped ball will be awarded.

What happens if a football player hits a referee?

Unless it was crystal clear that the player was going after another player, the immediate response is that the Referee would throw the player out of the game. … If the players’ intent was to assault another player (inadvertent striking of an official), the league response would be equal to a player/player assault.

What are the qualities of a good referee?

The Game Official: Qualities that Make Game Officials Great

  • Respectful Communication. Not everyone is going to like you, and you’re not there to make friends, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be respectful. …
  • Integrity. …
  • Common Sense. …
  • Confidence. …
  • Consistency. …
  • Serenity. …
  • Preparation and Training with ArbiterSports.

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Is being a referee a full-time job?

In many ways, it takes a lot to be a referee, and it’s not even a full-time job. They don’t receive days off or get any company health insurance. The NFL also requires them to be physically fit, know the rules and travel to games.

Do soccer referees wear shin guards?

Covering them with tape does not make them legal.) All players must wear shin guards and socks must be pulled over shin guards.

What makes a bad referee?

A bad refereeing call can also be made if the ref is not qualified to enough to oversee a match or if the referee understands the rules of the game and intentionally ignores them. There have been cases where referees are biased and dictate the outcome of the game according to where their preferences and interests lie.

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How can I be a better referee?

Tips for referee positioning at counter-attacks

  1. Do not immediately go wide and deep. Keep behind play, not in front of the ball. …
  2. Create the best angle of vision. It must be easy for you to make the right calls by moving to the left or right.
  3. Think ahead. …
  4. Always be alert and focused. …
  5. Keep moving.

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What qualifications does a football referee need?

Anyone can become a referee with The FA granted that you are at least 14-years-old and a resident of England. To train as an FA-qualified referee, you need to undertake a basic referees course with your local County FA. To find a course near you, click here. Alternatively, you can contact your County FA directly.

Do football referees have other jobs?

This might come as a surprise to football fans, but NFL officials have other jobs outside throwing penalty flags and driving head coaches nuts. While the league has expressed its desire to hire a number of full-time officials, referees will have to keep their day jobs in the meantime.

How do you put a referee on a resume?

How to include referees on your resume

  1. list each referee, providing their name, job title and contact details.
  2. list only the name and job title of your referees, with ‘Contact details available on request’ written underneath. You then give their contact details when asked.

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Why are referees important?

Verbal reference checking is an important part of the recruitment process. Employers speak with former employers to confirm you did what you claimed to do in your resume and at interview, your dates of employment, the calibre of your work and to confirm your achievements or results.

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11 meters