What is meant by aggregate in football?

The two clubs drawn as a pair play each other twice, home-and-home. The winner is decided by adding together the scores from the two games — the aggregate score. If the aggregate score is tied, then the winner is the club that scored more goals on its opponent’s field (usually referred to as «the away goals rule»).

What is an aggregate score?

aggregate score in British English

(ˈæɡrɪɡət skɔː) sport. a score calculated by adding the results of several matches. England have beaten the Welsh three times in succession with an aggregate score of 83-12.

How are aggregate scores calculated?

Aggregate Scoring

When two teams play home and away, the total added score of the two matches is called the aggregate score. … The aggregate score is calculated by adding the goals scored of both teams across two matches.

What are 4 goals called in soccer?

For reference: 2 = brace, 3 = hat-trick, 4 = haul, 5 = glut, 6 = double hat-trick, 7 = haul-trick.

Does aggregate count in extra time?

During extra-time, away goals count in exactly the same way – so if both sides have scored the same number of goals in the half-hour, the away team will progress.

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Does aggregate mean total?

adjective. formed by the conjunction or collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; total; combined: the aggregate amount of indebtedness.

What is an example of aggregate data?

Aggregate data is, as the name says, data available only in aggregate form. Typical examples are: Turnout for each canton in federal elections: Count (aggregated from individual voters) compared to the overall number of citizens having the right to vote.

How do you calculate aggregate 2020?

The updated UET formula for Aggregate/Merit calculation for 2020 includes:

  1. 25% of Matriculation/Equivalent Marks.
  2. 45% of Intermediate/Equivalent Marks.
  3. 30% of ECAT Marks.

Is aggregate and average the same?

Aggregate and average are two terms that are often used in calculations. However, these two terms mean two different things. Aggregate refers to the total sum of elements in a data set whereas average refers to the central value in a dataset. This is the key difference between aggregate and average.

What is an aggregate?

aggregate AG-rih-gut noun. 1 : a mass or body of units or parts somewhat loosely associated with one another. 2 : the whole sum or amount : sum total.

What is super hat trick?

A super hat-trick is a term used to describe a situation that happens when a player scores four goals in a single game. These goals that are made are not necessarily in consecutive order.

Why is 3 goals a hat trick?

The term ‘hat-trick’ is used to define when a player achieves the feat of scoring three goals in a single game. … Due to the relative rarity of the feat, it has become tradition for players who score a hat-trick of goals to be given the match ball as a symbolic reward or memento.

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Why is 3 goals called a hat trick?

Origin. The term first appeared in 1858 in cricket, to describe H. H. Stephenson taking three wickets with three consecutive deliveries. Fans held a collection for Stephenson, and presented him with a hat bought with the proceeds. The term was used in print for the first time in 1865 in the Chelmsford Chronicle.

What happens if the aggregate is tied?

If the aggregate score is tied, then the winner is the club that scored more goals on its opponent’s field (usually referred to as “the away goals rule”). If the score is still tied under the away goals rule, then 30-minutes of overtime (usually it is not sudden death) are played.

Is there away goal in extra time?

There is also the issue that if extra time is played in the second leg, the away team gets an extra 30 minutes to take advantage of the away goals rule. … In the extra time, both teams also scored, and Porto qualified due to the away goal, despite the fact that Juventus had the 3rd best campaign in the group stage.

How do aggregate goals work in Champions League?

The team that scores more goals over the two legs advances to the next round. If the aggregate score is level, the away-goals rule is applied. Therefore, the club that scores more goals away from home over the two legs advances. If away goals are also equal, then extra time (an additional 30 minutes) is played.

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