Where are Football Manager save games stored?

Your Save Game files can be located within your ‘Football Manager 2021’ folder within the ‘Sports Interactive’ folder.

How do I recover my Football Manager saves?

Go into the Football Manager 2020 folder. Go into ‘games’ and right click on your save which no longer loads. In the menu that opens is an option called ‘Restore Previous Versions’, click that and see if it works. It’ll first scan for a previous version then potentially give you the option to ‘Restore’.

Where do I find my game save files?

Usually it’s your system drive>users>your user name>appdata and the subfolders like roaming, localLow, local. Others are stored in your documents folder and documents>my games folder. And some games store save data either in their install folder or steam>userdata>game’s appID.

Where does control store saves?

The save slot folders are in the hidden AppData folder in your Windows/Users/ directory.

Where are my game save files on Mac?

On OS X, your saved games folder is located inside of the Library/Application Support directory inside of your user folder, but of course these folders aren’t easy to find the normal way. The easy way to get there is to just paste this into the Spotlight search window and hit the enter key.

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How do I save my game on Football Manager?

First of all, if within a save game try going to FM -> ‘Save As’. When prompted to save, try saving to a different location than default (such as the desktop) and see if the game saves.

Where are Gameloop games stored?

Settings and file paths are stored in registry and inside various folders under C:UsersusernameAppData. You can’t just copy and paste the main folder to make it works.

Where are the game save files on Android?

  1. Go to the directory Android > Data, then find your game folder, copy that folder.
  2. If the game exceeds 100 megabytes, then you’ll need to copy another additional file/s called obb, go to Android/obb and copy the whole game folder from there.

Are saved games stored on Steam?

The Steam Cloud allows games and the platform to utilize cloud storage hosted by Steam. Games can utilize Steam Cloud for storage of many different types of data, including game settings, save games, profile stats and other user-specific bits.

Does control have autosave?

Control Points are the only surefire way to save in Control, but the game also includes a pretty generous autosave feature as well. … The autosave feature is pretty generous, so don’t expect to lose out on much progress no matter what you do.

Does control have multiple save files?

Are there multiple save slots? No.

How do I change where my game saves?

Re: Can I change the directory for the save files of games?

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click Quick Access if it isn’t open.
  3. Click the user folder that you want to change to select it.
  4. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
  5. In the Open section, click Properties.
  6. In the Folder Properties window, click the Location tab.
  7. Click Move.
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Where is my Minecraft save file on Mac?

So go to your Mac’s home folder, open the now-visible library folder, go into ‘Application Support,’ then ‘Minecraft,’ and finally ‘Saves’ (if you’re lost, check out the screenshot below). You will see all of your Minecraft world files/save files in this folder.

Where are saved games stored in steam?

Steam Save Files

Save files are stored in the default steam Cloud Storage location, which varies depending on platform: Win: C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata\688420remote. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata//688420/remote.

Where is cyberpunk save file?

You can check your size by looking in the saves folder, which will usually be C:UsersyourusernameSaved GamesCD Projekt RedCyberpunk 2077 .

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