Where is Australian Rules Football popular?

It has been played continuously in every state and territory of Australia since 1915, and is particularly popular in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory where it is the most watched and most played sport.

What countries play Australian Rules Football?

Australian Football League has official affiliation agreements with 15 international governing bodies, ARFL Ireland, AFL Canada, Danish Australian Football League, AFL Scotland, AFL England, AFL Wales, AFL Japan, Nauru Australian Football Association, New Zealand AFL, USAFL, AFL South Africa, AFL PNG, AFL Samoa, Tonga …

The AFL attracts the highest amount of spectators of any sport in Australia and the fourth-highest attendance of any professional sport in the world with an average of 33,461 people per game. The game is so popular in the state of Victoria that the Friday before the Grand Final is celebrated with a public holiday.

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6. AFL. Aside from being one of the most played sports in Australia, AFL is also one of the most watched sports, particularly in Victoria and South Australia. Over 1.5 million people participate in this sport, and it continues to grow every year.

Aussie Rules is a very popular sport and about to get more so thanks to the introduction of a Women’s competition. Its played in every State and Territory and attracts the largest crowds of any sport here.

How many teams are in the Australian Rules Football?


How many countries in the world have Australian rules football leagues?

Australian rules football is a sport played in over sixty countries around the world.

Who is the oldest football club in Australia?

Melbourne and Geelong were founding members of the Australian Football League (AFL), making them the world’s oldest football clubs that are now professional.

Is AFL older than soccer?

All in all, Aussie Rules has been played by Australians for a long time. It’s actually older than both soccer and American Football as well as rugby. … The game is Australian Rules Football which was codified back in 1858, five years or so before Soccer. So the game has been played in Australia for around 160 years.

Professional football has been televised for many years, with Australian rules football and rugby league being the most popular codes on television.

Professional football.

Football code Association football
Main governing body Football Federation Australia
National competition A-League
Australian clubs 11 (+1 in NZ)
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What is the most watched sport on TV in Australia?

Most Watched Broadcasts in 2019

Rank Broadcast Genre
1 2019 AFL Grand Final Sport
2 2019 State of Origin (Rugby League) — Match 1 Sport
3 Married at First Sight – Finale Reality
4 2019 State of Origin (Rugby League) — Match 3 Sport

The three most popular sports in Australia are Cricket, which is the national sport, Australian Football, popular in southern and western states and Rugby League, popular on the east coast. Boxing day test cricket match is the most popular sporting event in summer.

What is the fastest growing sport in Australia?

Rugby League. One of Australia’s fastest-growing sports, Rugby League is the most searched sports on the internet in Australia. Aside from the amount of attention it enjoys in the digital world, rugby is played by about 466,182 players in Australia.

How is Australian Rules Football?

Each AFL game consists of four 20-minute periods and the umpire starts each quarter by bouncing the ball in the centre circle. Once the ball is bounced, it is considered ‘in play’ and the players can contest possession. A player can score either a goal or a behind, with six points and one point awarded respectively.

What does AFL stand for?


Acronym Definition
AFL American Federation of Labor
AFL American Football League (1960s)
AFL Australian Football League
AFL Arena Football League

Is AFL bigger than NRL?

The AFL is more popular with both genders than the NRL. There are more than 4.2 million men that watch the AFL on TV compared to 3.6 million that watch the NRL and over 3.2 million women that watch the AFL on TV compared to almost 2.4 million that watch the NRL.

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