Which language do Ronaldo speak?

Does Ronaldo speak Russian?

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks in russian language fluently.

How good is Ronaldo Spanish?

Cristiano Ronaldo can speak Spanish, of course. Portuguese and Spanish is similar or many words are the same. It means they can understand and do conversation to each other for their daily life. It likes between Thai and Lao; Malay and Indonesian.

Which soccer player speaks the most languages?

Clarence Seedorf who speaks 6 languages fluently: Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Surinamese.

Do Ronaldo Speak English?

Ronaldo does speak English. Having spent six years living in England while playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo learned to speak English fluently and has maintained this ability up until the present day. From 2003 until 2009, Ronaldo played for Manchester United in the English Premier League.

Can Messi speak Italian?

Messi speaks Spanish, Catalan and English. He lives in Barcelona and he’s been living there since she was young. … Messi choses to speak his native language which is Argentinian Spanish because he is more used to it, but if he needed to he could speak Catalan as well.

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What language does Ronaldo speak in Juventus?

Криштиану Роналду/Языки

Does Beckham speak Spanish?

Beckham’s supposed “lack of fluency” didn’t seem to inhibit his ability as a Madrid player. … “My relationship with David is little,” said Zidane. “On the pitch, we understand each other perfectly, but as I don’t speak English and he doesn’t speak Spanish we are a little bit lost.”

Does Neymar Jr speak English?

Neymar can speak English, but he is not fluent in the language. Despite never having lived in an English speaking nation, he has spent time learning English and uses English to communicate with some of the other players on his team.

How many languages can Ronaldo speak?

Криштиану Роналду/Языки

How many languages do soccer players speak?

At international level, FIFA has four official languages: English, Spanish, French and German. Again, international referees must be able to speak good English.

What language do soccer referees speak?

To officiate a Champions League or Europa League match, UEFA referees must be able to speak English. Referees will generally speak to players in English as it is the most commonly spoken language in Europe.

Does Suarez know English?

He speaks some English, you can hear it in the Football challenge he did with Coates and Henderson. It does not take much linguistic competence however to yell obscene words at a ref.

How do foreign football players communicate?

Usually they try to learn the language which is spoken at the part of world they are moving to . For example if you play for Barcelona majority of them speaks Catalan or spainsh , at Bayern majority speaks German , at premier league clubs it’s English so they learn language accordingly to their club’s .

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