Which teammates have played the most matches together in football?

Tom Aldous has done most of the hard work for us on this one. “Dodd actually played with Matt Le Tissier more often,” he writes. Indeed, 202 times, while Le Tissier also made 209 appearances alongside Francis Benali.

Which teammates have played the most matches together in Premier League?

James ended with 572 appearances, a record which was broken by Ryan Giggs on 14 May 2011, having played all of his matches for Manchester United. On 25 September 2017, Gareth Barry broke Giggs’ record by playing his 633rd match, West Bromwich Albion’s 2–0 loss at Arsenal.

Who has played the most football matches?

In poll position and capping our most games played list is none other than England legend Peter Shilton. Starting over 100 games for 5 different clubs, Shilton owns the record for most football appearances of all time with an incredible 1,390 matches in total.

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Which football player has made the most appearances for a single club?

Rogério Ceni (1152 Appearances) – Sao Paolo

It’s true that goalkeepers go through less wear and tear than outfield players, but even so the achievement of Rogério Ceni is not to be sniffed at. He has made 1152 appearances for Sao Paolo, meaning he’s played the most games for any club, ever.

Who has played the most international matches in football?

Ahmed Hassan of Egypt currently holds the men’s all-time record appearances with 184 caps. The first footballer to have appeared in 100 international matches was Billy Wright of England in 1959.

Who has the most appearances for Liverpool?

Player records

  • Most appearances in all competitions: Ian Callaghan, 857.
  • Most league appearances: Ian Callaghan, 640.
  • Most FA Cup appearances: Ian Callaghan, 79.
  • Most League Cup appearances: Ian Rush, 78.
  • Most continental appearances: Jamie Carragher, 150.

Who is the highest paid player in the Premier League 2020?

Summary of the top paid players in EPL for 2020: David De Gea – Manchester United; £19,500,000 per season. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City; £18,200,000 per season. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal; £18,200,000 per season.

Who is the most dangerous player in football?

Lionel Messi is the most dangerous striker in world football right now, and no doubt will be for years to come.

Who is the highest paid footballer 2020?

Lionel Messi has topped Forbes’ list for the highest-earning soccer players for another year in 2020. The Argentine took home an eye watering $126 million, $92 million which was in salary and $34 million of which was in endorsements.

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Who is the god of football?

He was none other than Diego Maradona, one of the world’s greatest football players, also called ‘The God of Football’. He saw heaven and hell on Earth and died Wednesday at the age of 60. Maradona was a player who, apart from scoring goals, also made mistakes.

Who is the most loyal footballer?

CSKA Moscow legend Igor Akinfeev has beaten Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi to be named the most loyal player in football’s top 10 leagues.

Who has more records Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi and Ronaldo have very similar trophy hauls, but Messi edges things when it comes to league titles, having won La Liga 10 times with Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi: Titles.

Cristiano Ronaldo Competition Lionel Messi
5 Champions League 4
4 Club World Cup 3
3 National Cups* 6
20 Total 24

Who is the oldest player in football now?

Ezzeldin Bahader, 74, is the world’s oldest professional footballer.

Who is the king of football right now?

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazilian football great Pele has described Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s best contemporary footballer, rating the Juventus forward ahead of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

Who holds the record for most international goals?

The record for most international goals belongs to Ali Daei, who hit 109 goals for Iran in 149 appearances between 1993 and 2006. The striker’s career saw him line out for the likes of Bayern Munich, but he enjoyed much of his success on the international stage.

Who is the best football player in the world right now 2020?

The best player in 2020 is Lionel Messi, who has topped the list alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for the past decade. This may be one of the last years that Messi and Ronaldo remain at the top, however, since both players are in their mid-thirties.

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