Who has the most penalty goals in football history?

Blimey. Ronaldo has scored 39 more penalties than any other player since 2000. Extraordinary. While his haters may call him ‘Penaldo’, Cristiano deserves nothing but praise for his remarkable record from the spot.

Who has the most penalty goals in football?

More effective is Robert Lewandowski, who took over the penalty duty in 2016 from Thomas Müller. The striker converted 91% of his penalties for 39 goals.

Who has scored the most penalties?

So it’s not surprising to see Ronaldo finish top of Transfermarkt’s list of most penalties scored in the 21st century on 114.

Pos Player Penalties
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 114
2 Francesco Totti 75
3 Lionel Messi 75
4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic 64

Which player has the best penalty record?

Jedinak has a better penalty conversion rate than some of the world’s greatest soccer players, including: Cristiano Ronaldo (84%,) Lionel Messi (77%,) Eden Hazard (87%,) Mohamed Salah (83%,) Luis Suárez (77%) Neymar (81%,) and Zlatan Ibrahimović (87%.)

Who missed most penalty in football history?

Most penalties missed in the 21st century

  • 1 Lionel Messi – penalties missed: 27. …
  • 40 Eden Hazard – penalties missed: 8. …
  • 39 Ciro Immobile – penalties missed: 8. …
  • 38 Fabio Quagliarella – penalties missed: 8. …
  • 37 Samuel Eto’o – penalties missed: 8. …
  • 36 Falcao – penalties missed: 8. …
  • 35 Thomas Müller – penalties missed: 8.
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Who never missed a penalty?

Yaya Toure and the Italian legend Roberto Baggio are the greatest footballers who have never missed any penalty. As in cas e of Yaya he has taken 16 and all are scored . Some other big names are Mario Bolotelli , Jordi Gomez , Gary Parker , Elano and the Ex Red Devil Dimitar Berbatov.

Who is the king of free kick?

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi is once again the king of free-kicks, retaining his position as the best taker with an accuracy rating of 94.

Who is the king of penalty?

1. Matt Le Tissier. Matt Le Tissier is known among soccer historians as the best ever in terms of penalties in world football history. The reason being his ridiculous penalty conversion percentage.

Who is the best penalty taker 2020?

Top 10 Lethal Penalty-Takers in Football in 2020

  • Ciro Immobile – Lazio. The current European golden player has been prolific from the penalty spot throughout the last football campaign. …
  • Jorginho – Chelsea. …
  • Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid. …
  • Jaime Vardy – Leicester City. …
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus. …
  • Harry Kane – Tottenham. …
  • Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich.

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Who is Liverpool’s penalty taker?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed James Milner is the club’s number one penalty taker with Mohamed Salah the back-up option.

Who is the king of penalty in football 2020?

Juventus attacking midfielder Paulo Dybala now alternates with Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to penalty duties.

Who has never missed a penalty in the Premier League?

The man you should probably choose is Yaya Toure. This is because the Ivorian is perfect from the penalty spot, converting all 11 of his penalties for Manchester City. That makes him the only player to have taken at least 10 penalties and not miss one, with a success ratio of 100 per cent.

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Who is the King of Football 2020?

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazilian football great Pele has described Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s best contemporary footballer, rating the Juventus forward ahead of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

Who is the god of football?

He was none other than Diego Maradona, one of the world’s greatest football players, also called ‘The God of Football’. He saw heaven and hell on Earth and died Wednesday at the age of 60. Maradona was a player who, apart from scoring goals, also made mistakes.

Who is better Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi is the all-time La Liga top scorer, as well as having the most assists in the competition’s history – with Ronaldo in second for goals scored and in third for assists provided – while Ronaldo is the UEFA Champions League all-time top goalscorer and assist provider, with Messi in second for both goals scored and …

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