Who is the best footballer in the world 2015?

Who is the best football player in the world 2014?

Top 10 Footballers In The World For 2014: Messi, Ronaldo And Others Feature Among Best Of The Year

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal) …
  2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina) …
  3. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich and Germany) …
  4. Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich and the Netherlands) …
  5. Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich and Germany)

27 дек. 2014 г.

Who is the No 1 footballer in the world?

Top 50 Best Performing Football Players in the World

Rank Name Team
Rank Name Team
1 Lionel Messi Barcelona
2 Robert Lewandowski Bayern
3 Neymar Jr. PSG

Who was the best soccer player in 2016?

The Best FIFA Men’s Player

Rank Name Percent
The finalists
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 34.54%
2 Lionel Messi 26.42%
3 Antoine Griezmann 7.53%

Who is the top 10 footballer?

Top 10 greatest football players of all time according to fans in…

  • Ronaldinho. Nationality: Brazil. …
  • Ronaldo. Nationality: Brazil. …
  • Johan Cruyff. Nationality: Netherlands. …
  • Zinedine Zidane. Nationality: France. …
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. Nationality: Portugal. …
  • Pele. Nationality: Brazil. …
  • Lionel Messi. Nationality: Argentina. …
  • Maradona. Nationality: Argentina.
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19 июл. 2020 г.

Who is the best soccer player in the world 2020?

Goal takes a look at those who were in with a shout…

  • #7 Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) …
  • #6 Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) …
  • #5 Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) …
  • #4 Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) …
  • #3 Lionel Messi (Barcelona) …
  • #2 Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) …
  • #1 Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

20 июл. 2020 г.

Who is the best soccer player in 2012?

The world’s top 100 best footballers

No Name Age at Dec 20 2012
1 Lionel Messi 25
2 Cristiano Ronaldo 27
3 Xavi 32
4 Andres Iniesta 28

Is Ronaldo better than Messi?

Ronaldo, more than Messi, is the ideal model of the next generation of players. Messi has won more titles since he plays for a better team, not because he is a better player than Ronaldo. Throughout his entire career, Messi played for arguably the best side to ever play the game.

Who is the richest player in the world?

Top 20 Richest Footballers In The World 2021

Rank Richest Footballers In The World Estimated Net Worth
#04 Zlatan Ibrahimovic $190 million
#03 Neymar Junior $200 million
#02 Lionel Messi $400 million
#01 Cristiano Ronaldo $500 million

Who is the god of football?

He was none other than Diego Maradona, one of the world’s greatest football players, also called ‘The God of Football’. He saw heaven and hell on Earth and died Wednesday at the age of 60. Maradona was a player who, apart from scoring goals, also made mistakes.

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Who won FIFA 5 times?

The national team of Brazil has won the most soccer World Cup titles of all time with five, winning the tournament in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and, most recently, in 2002.

Who has won World Footballer of the Year the most?

Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane each won the award three times, while Ronaldo and Ronaldinho were the only players to win in successive years.

FIFA World Player of the Year
Presented by FIFA
First awarded 1991
Last awarded 2009
Most awards Zinedine Zidane Ronaldo (3 awards each)

Who is the best player of 2015?

  • Lionel Messi. Barcelona.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid.
  • Neymar. Barcelona.
  • Luis Suárez. Barcelona.
  • Robert Lewandowski. Bayern Munich.
  • Thomas Müller. Bayern Munich.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic. PSG.
  • Manuel Neuer. Bayern Munich.

Who is the King of Football 2020?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of football: Rohit Sharma.

Who is the most famous football player ever?

The 10 Greatest NFL Players of All-Time

  • Jim Brown – Full Back.
  • Joe Montana – Quarterback. …
  • Lawrence Taylor – Linebacker. …
  • Walter Payton – Running Back. …
  • Johnny Unitas – Quarterback. …
  • Dick Butkus – Linebacker. …
  • Deion Sanders – Cornerback. …
  • Reggie White – Defensive End. The Minister of Defence is one of the most decorated players in NFL history. …

Who is the goat in soccer?

Lionel Messi added another feather to his cap after being named football’s GOAT at the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday night.

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