Who is the best Scottish football player?

Who is the best football player in Scotland?

  1. 1 – KENNY DALGLISH. 102 caps.
  2. 2 – DENIS LAW. 55 caps. …
  3. 3 – GRAEME SOUNESS. 54 caps. …
  4. 4 – DANNY McGRAIN. 62 caps. …
  5. 5 – ANDY GORAM. 43 caps. …
  6. 6 – JIMMY JOHNSTONE. 23 caps. Ah, Jinky. …
  7. 7 – BILLY BREMNER. 54 caps. Bremner’s official Scottish FA page describes him as an “all-time Scotland great”, and it’s hard to argue. …

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Who is Scotland’s all time top scorer?

As of November 2020, both Kenny Dalglish and Denis Law have scored the most goals for the national football team of Scotland with 30 goals scored each.

Who is the most expensive Scottish footballer?

Record transfer fees paid

Rank Player Fee
1 Tore Andre Flo £12,000,000
2 Odsonne Édouard £9,000,000
3= Christopher Jullien £7,000,000
3= Ryan Kent £7,000,000

Who is the best Celtic player ever?

5 Greatest Celtic Football Players Of All Time

  1. Jimmy Johnstone. In a 2002 poll, he was recognized as the club’s greatest player. …
  2. Paul McStay. Paul McStay dedicated his entire professional career to playing with Celtic, and the very first step he made toward that end was in 1981 when he signed up with Celtic Boys Club. …
  3. Jimmy McGrory. …
  4. Billy McNeill. …
  5. Henrik Larsson.
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Who is the biggest club in Scotland?

Honours table

Rank Club League
1 Rangers 55
2 Celtic 51
3 Aberdeen 4
4 Heart of Midlothian 4

Does Scotland have its own football team?

The Scotland national football team represents Scotland in men’s international football and is controlled by the Scottish Football Association. It competes in the three major professional tournaments, the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Nations League and the UEFA European Championship.

Who is the most capped player ever?

With 184 international caps, Ahmed Hassan of Egypt is the most-capped player of all time.

Has any Scottish team won 10 in a row?

After stopping Celtic from winning a tenth consecutive league title in 1975, Rangers went and won nine of their own between 1988 and 1997. But here’s the thing. Nobody has ever won ten-in-a-row.

What is the oldest football team in Scotland?

Queen’s Park was Scotland’s first football club, founded in 1867. It is the oldest existing football club outside England.

Who is the most successful club in Scotland?

Rangers, in full Rangers Football Club, also called Rangers FC, bynames the Gers and the Light Blues, Scottish professional football (soccer) club based in Glasgow. The club is the most successful team in the world in terms of domestic league championships won, with more than 50.

Who has more fans Celtic or Rangers?

However, Rangers managed to pull a crowd of 96.7% capacity compared with Celtic’s 94.6% for that season alone. The further down even the Scottish Premiership you travel, the more it highlights who are the real giants of the game.

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Who is the most successful Celtic manager?

The 30 major honours Maley won during his tenure are the most a manager has achieved at Celtic. Jock Stein is considered the club’s greatest manager, having revived the team after many years in the doldrums.

Who was the first black player to play for Celtic?

Gilbert Saint Elmo Heron (9 April 1922 – 27 November 2008) was a Jamaican professional footballer. He was the first black player to play for Scottish club Celtic and was the father of poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron.

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