Who will play in the Big 10 football championship?

The Big Ten conference released a statement Wednesday afternoon to officially declare that Ohio State will play in the Big Ten Championship game on Dec. 19 against Northwestern in Indianapolis. The Buckeyes (5-0) will not be playing this weekend against Michigan due to COVID-19.

Who won the Big 10 Championship 2020?

Wisconsin made their sixth appearance in the conference title game overall. In that championship game, Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 34–21 to win their third consecutive Big Ten championship.

Is there a Big Ten championship game 2020?

The city of Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium will play host to the 10th annual Big Ten Football Championship Game on December 19, 2020.

Who Will Ohio State play in Big 10 championship?

As a result of the decision, Ohio State will represent the East Division in the 2020 Big Ten Football Championship game against Northwestern.

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Is the Big 10 going to play football?

The Big Ten released its 2021 football schedule in early February. The Big Ten is the latest college football conference to release its 2021 schedule. … The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on every team and conference in college football, but the Big Ten (like all leagues) is hoping for normalcy in 2021.

Who is the Big 10 in football?

Big Ten Conference, formerly Western Intercollegiate Conference, one of the oldest college athletic conferences in the United States, formed in 1896 by the Universities of Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and Purdue and Northwestern universities.

Why is it called the Big 10?

As so many things about higher ed are confusing these days, so too are some names ascribed to sporting groups. The “Big Ten” is really “Big Fourteen.” The Big Ten began as an athletic conference in 1895. Founded by Purdue University, the conference was first referred to as the Big Nine and the Western Conference.

Will there be fans at Big Ten championship?

– The Big Ten Conference will allow a limited number of fans to attend the 2021 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament presented by SoFi, which will be played March 10-14 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Did Big 10 cancels football season?

11): The Big Ten has canceled its fall sports season, including football, commissioner Kevin Warren announced Tuesday. The conference will explore the possibility of a spring season. There are now 41 FBS programs that will not play in the fall in 2020. The Big Ten has cancelled fall sports, including football.

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What channel is the Big 10 championship football game on?

Northwestern and Ohio State will square off in the 2020 Big Ten Football Championship Game presented by Discover at noon (ET) Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, with the game televised live to a nationwide audience on FOX and broadcast on radio via Compass Media Networks.

Why is Ohio State not in the championship game?

Ohio State is now dangerously close to being left out of the Big Ten Championship Game. The Ohio State Buckeyes game against the Illinois Illini was canceled Saturday due to more COVID-19 positive tests.

Why did Ohio State only played 5 games?

By the time the conference was able to put a schedule together, there was no flexibility for make up dates. As a result, the Buckeyes only played five games before defeating Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday.

Is OSU going to the national championship?

Now, Ohio State returns to the national championship stage with Ryan Day, Meyer’s successor, at the helm and quarterback Justin Fields, who is expected to be a first-round NFL draft pick this spring.

Who is the top ranked college football team?


1 Alabama (61) 1,525
2 Ohio State 1,463
3 Clemson 1,378

What conferences are not football?

The only conferences not playing are the Mountain West, Mid-American Conference and Pac-12, which make up 40 of the FBS schools.

What football conferences are playing this year?

All the Power Five conferences — SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and Big Ten — have announced plans to play this season. The Pac-12 announced Thursday they’d begin play on November 6. The ACC and Big 12 have already restarted play, with the SEC set to follow Saturday.

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