Your question: How is Messi related to Maradona?

There was Maradona and then there was Messi. “Leo grew up watching videos of Maradona,” Messi’s father, Jorge, said in quotes carried by Diario Sport. “We gave them to him.” Maradona coached Messi during his two years in charge of the Argentine national team, between 2008 and 2010.

Is Messi agueros son’s godfather?

Benjamin Aguero – Father: Sergio Aguero. Godfather: Leo Messi.

Argentina forward Aguero also played under Maradona during his time as manager of the national team, including at the 2010 World Cup. … He knew Maradona well and his son, it’s his grandfather.

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is close friends with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi from their time together with the Argentina national team.

Is Maradona Messi’s father in law?

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Diego Maradona was Sergio Aguero’s father-in-law and the grandfather of his son, Benjamin. El Kun, we love you, all city does. I do have a hot take on the Abuelo however!

Who is Messi Godfather?

Guillermo Hoyos, Messi’s godfather.

Does Maradona have a son?

Диего Марадона/Сыновья

Are Aguero and Messi friends?

Messi, having already moved to Barcelona, was back in Argentina on holiday when he saw Aguero make his record-breaking debut, something which has stayed with him forever. “I know for a fact that Sergio and Leo share a close bond,” Fresco, who interviewed both men countless times while writing Kun’s book, adds.

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Who is agueros girlfriend?

Sofia Calzetti, Sergio Aguero’s girlfriend, has confirmed she has tested positive for Covid-19 on the same day as the Manchester City striker.

Who is Messi’s wife?

Antonela Roccuzzom. 2017

Is Bojan Messi cousin?

Leo Messi and Bojan Krkic played together at Barcelona for several years but the two players are linked together with something more than just a Camp Nou past. In fact, Leo and Bojan are distant relatives, 4th cousins to be precise.

Is Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona?

A couple of days removed from Barcelona’s Champions League defeat, this time at the hands of PSG, the fallout continues. This time, it comes from former Barça player Rivaldo, who spoke following the 4-1 loss. According to the Brazilian striker, Lionel Messi will leave Barca at the end of the season and join PSG.

Is Maradona died?

Deceased (1960–2020)

Who is Maradona daughter?

Диего Марадона/Дочери

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